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Even the sky have someone to show, what of you?

Драма Всех возростов.

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It all feels like a dream or is it the fantasy you'll talk of?

I shouldn't have given in to what's it called again,Love? I feel better and betrayed at the same time" I said.

"Cut! cut!"shouted the director.

"wow, Alisco your acting skills is on point now, I loved your facial expressions too" said the director.

"Thanks" I replied humbly.

Alisco, you look stressed? says the fine gentleman barely surviving on this planet.

"Could you look at yourself before thinking about me? ''gave a Savage reply to the guy Jay,my manager.

"You did well with the commercial shooting" Jay said.

"I know, I'm too good,jay," I laughed.

An artist of this planet, sure I'm popular and all.

I usually get off from the entertainment department late but was early today.

Jay! Can you drive me home, I want to avoid those nasty reporters, I said.

"Does he even know how to beg and request something nicely, huh? Jay whispers.

I heard you, Jay. I giggled.

Arriving home after I stopped at the grocery store and bossed Jay for items... There's something fishy, my door... Wait, I closed it... Was it my cleaner who left it like this... Did I- or how.

"Be brave Alisco, this is the exact reason you haven't gotten any deal with the acting entertainment " I said to myself leaving the groceries behind.

Wait, how come my ceiling fan is broken?

I heard something moving up and down, is it a mouse?

"Poor mouse, come over here, boo won't hurt you, I understand how it feels to be left alone, I shouted not forgetting my building is soundproofed.

"Aahhhhhhhh!" I screamed.

What the fuck? How did you get in here? Who are you? What?Gross, you are even naked.

She snarled!

I threw my jacket at her and she was just chewing it.

"Don't chew it, cover yourself" I said whilst demonstrating how she should cover herself.

Woman or is it lady? What are you doing here?

I continued questioning her and all I got was a cute snarling.

I must be crazy, maybe seeing a naked lady in front of me, gosh it's better than porn.

I decided to call the police about this break in but a certain shallow voice spoke up.

"I'm Cybele," she said.

Cybele! How did you get to my building, I get that my building is extraordinary but how? I said.

"Your... Buildoo? Said Cybele.

Not buildoo, but building gosh which mental institution are you from I will let my manager take you there.

Your buildoo looks much like a house in my world, she replies.

After two days, she was still in my house not wanting to go and still refusing to tell me how and what she wants here.

She looks beautiful and has perfect skin with no scars. How do I believe that she's a what, Military lady?

"I'm hungry, don't you have any meat here, meat, " she said.

"Is it that easy to eat meat, how do I buy meat? Lady Cybele, I'm an artist, my name is Alisco.

"Arti-st" she replied.

Yes, Artist, I'm very concerned about my diet, you know my skin and complexion look good thus every artist maintains their body. Also because I'm famous and not a washed away Artist I can't go out just like that.

"Oh okay, I'm going to watch that robot(referring to television)" she said with a puppy eye look.

I couldn't resist but just say okay,

I'm really going crazy, I haven't done this before but what I'm I even doing?

Does she control me or what, well it's good at least I ain't alone. My phone started ringing as I decided to get her meat… She just got scared and hid while I answered the call.

"Yes, Jay sorry I'm really not feeling well! Tell the director I'm dying" I said.

"Art-tist, Artist! Is your world at war? Cybele lashed out.

"Are you watching porn or there's definitely a lady with you" Jay(voiceover).

"I have to go bye," I said and hung up.

I returned in the evening and she had already taken her bath…

"You're here, artist," said Cybele with a bright smiling face.

"Yeah, I'm here, this damn heart is messing up", I thought.

I arranged for a barbeque instead of just cooking meat… I decorated the top of my building that's a nice spot of seeing the sky clearly.

"Cybele, time to eat, hurry up," I said.

I must be crazy!

"Wow! This is perfect, what's the name? She said,

"How will you pronounce it even if I tell you?" I replied.

I forgot everything and just decided to spend a good, fresh night with Cybele. I need to be sure of what I feel, is it pity or do I like her?

Just after eating we laid down to watch the sky showing off its stars.

"Even the sky has someone to show off," I said.

"Are you even jealous of the sky? It's showing off but doesn't mean they will always be there always" said Cybele.

"So do you have anyone to show off, Cybele? I asked her.

"No, but I think I have found one instead of focusing on my reason to be here" she replies.

We talked for a while and ended up kissing.

It was already morning, I was happy that Cybele kissed back that night and didn't push me away.

"You're already awake," she said.

Yeah! I need to go to work today, stay hidden, and don't let anyone see you. I'm sorry but my planet is different from yours" I said.

The few days of us dating was my happiest moment ever until a very moment before my birthday she started to behave strangely.

"Have I offended you, Cybele?" I asked.

"No! You haven't, you are just perfect" she said.

" Is being perfectly an excuse for you pushing me away," I said.

"Alisco, do you remember the sky?" said Cybele.

My heart started beating fast as if it knew what she was going to say.

"What has the sky done in this issue? I lashed out.

"You were jealous of that sky, but do you remember my reply on that day, if no then let me remind you

"The sky showing off the stars doesn't mean they will always be there," she said.

"Why" I acted not knowing.

" It's time to go, the show off is over!

She left after saying these last words.

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Eva Oduro Eva Oduro a young Ghanaian Author and poet. Born in May 21st 2003. Currently a homeopathic student nurse.


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