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This will hopefully be a monthly blog keeping you guys up to date about the progress of my stories and any upcoming projects. I have a bad memory so I might not remember to update you guys regularly, but if I remember, you'll know.

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So, here's my first blog. Not too sure what to say, so let's just get to business right off the bat. Many of my stories were meant to be released for free but most of the unfinished stories I release will be bound to a membership like this blog is until they are completed. There are five exceptions to this.

The stories are as follows in intended release order: Hunter, R.P.G (Royal Palidan Generation), Priest, Without an Angel, and The World as I Know it.

Those stories were and still are planned to be on a buy-only basis. There may be more stories like this in the future, but for now, that is all.

Here's news about current stories and projects:

I'm typing the final chapter of 'I'll See You in Nirvana' as I type this and since I'll need to go over drafts before the story is complete as a whole, it won't be readily available to read for free for a while. The same can be said for 'Starry Eyes: Blood Moon' since I'm only on the second to last chapter of that one.

While I've completed 'Hunter', I need to go over it once more before releasing it since the story is a staggering 46 chapters with 404 pages and I'm editing it alone. It will be complete in due time, but will likely see minor edits and changes even after release.

I'm terrible with dates, so I can never come up with a release date. It's just a problem I live with.

Upcoming projects:

There are three upcoming stories I'm planning to write and release for free in no particular order.

'PK: Pillars of Katastrophe' is a sci-fi story about a man who was once part of an assassin group in an RPG but he learned that sometimes, his targets never logged back in...

'Re: Incarnation Theory' is a fantasy story about a scientist who studies death and theorizes about the afterlife, only to die in an accident and be reincarnated in a different world multiple times over.

'Wielders of a Lost Paradigm' is a fantasy story following separate children awakening their individual, albeit similar powers and how they each live with the consequences of having and using them despite living in a world brimming with magic.

There will be more stories in time, but that's what I have prepared to start working on in time.

Now that's out of the way, how about something about myself?

I'm a black writer from Chicago, Illinois. I grew up wanting to be a scientist but I hate math so that dream died via chainsaw.

I started wanting to be a writer when I learned I had a talent for storytelling in highschool and enjoyed coming up with original concepts for powers and fight scenes based on my favorite books, movies, anime, etc.

I hate writing long paragraphs even though it doesn't always make sense to split a paragraph... probably like now.

If there's anything you guys want to know about me, just comment it and I might answer it next week.

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