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One shots of real people x real people Real people x characters from books,movies,or tv shows Character x character Character x y/n Real person x y/n Y/n x who ever you want if it’s y/n x your friend then I can write that you don’t even have to give me their name but it would be helpful if you did Suggestions are welcome it’s what I will be mostly writing from

Фанфикшн Знаменитости 13+.
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In this story there will be

Swearing 🤬

Smut 🌹


Homophobia and stuff like that 😡

and other things that I cant think of right now there will be warnings when those things are happening or mentioned for the things that are already listed look for the simble next to the warning and that will be in the chapter name but there will still be a warning eather way

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