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Lives lost, the earth lost its greeny. In the entire universe, the only planet to live is going to end, but for only 17 minutes!

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Earth but 30 years before

It was 30 years ago, I was enjoying my life on this earth! I was a 6-year-old boy, my life was happy, the earth was greeny, my pet having a quiet sleep, animals were enjoying their freedom in the forest, and birds were gliding over the sky. But, they don't know it is going to be over! Maybe all the animals and birds achieve their goals but I'm not yet dreaming of it!

But, this world is about to see its death because of something we did. The earth heats up! The Antarctica melts! The land is buried!

Now, My life is lost, my pet died, the earth lost its greenery, animals lost their families even them, birds crashed down, Fishes cried in the water. In the entire universe, the only planet to live is going to end!


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