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In the Attic

Up in the attic of an old familiar place

There is a horror there

you do not want to face.

Cobwebs and spiders running free

Dust has gathered all over


It cannot hide what lurks in there.

No one ever goes up there.

When they go up the stairs

Only screams and yells do you hear

Then, silence falls,

But, listen carefully

you will hear a child crying

or maybe, its a lady crying

Whoever it is, whatever it may be

If I were you I would not go into,

dont ever enter into the attic.

For whats up there

will not let you come back.

Its dark and cold as you climb

I warned you not to go

But, you must know.

I'll leave you to your fate

I have things to do

After you enter into the attic

I will come back once your screams are over.

To clean up the mess from another.

My friend needs more

As I relock the attic door

I will tell another of this tragic tale

curious another will come and go

Enter into my attic

for you are food

you will never come back

My friend gets hungry alot you see

Sitting in the dark

awaiting another eventually

In the end

In the attic is me

Im a living Dark Widow

Always hungry don't you know.

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Об авторе

Michael Nichols My dream is to write, and to show the world what I can do.


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Wow this was good