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Anod is a small boy who believes in a tale about a gem stone that can give powers to it's carriers... Will Anod and his group find the famous Khraff stone.

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The hero of the Skull fields

Once, long ago in a land of ice and snow inhabited by Viking tribesmen There was an eleven year old boy called Anod the Dreamface. In his dreams he would often hear his mother tell him about a magical gem known as the Khraff stone. This jewel had blue and red colors, shone with a white light, and could grant its wielder special powers. One night while sleeping, Anod dreamt that he found this Gem on an island near their homes fjord. When he woke up from this dream, all of the details were very clear to him- including where it was located on earth! After pondering what this might mean for both himself and his people for some time, Anod shared these revelations with others in his tribe who also believed that they had discovered the Khraff stone. They set out together to find it before anyone else did.....

Somef the tribe believed that this story was just a legend, but his best friend Omlak the Overbrain, his brother Silvak the Sourface and his crazy grandpa Musty the Mannohead were all by his side. They knew this tale would one day be revealed as true.

As they were packing up their belongings and preparing to leave their home village, the clock struck midnight. This was a momentous occasion as it marked the beginning of a new Journey for the group. The moon shone brightly on top of their local tower, providing them with comfort while they sailed away from their homes towards the outer sea. Traveling over rough seas smoothly allowed them to rest peacefully in their boat.

Upon waking up from their sleep, the group was excited to find that they had landed on an island which looked exactly like the one in Anod's dream. They were overjoyed and happy to have finally arrived at this place, which felt quite similar to where they’d been searching for so long. The group started exploring the island and were thrilled by its lush green vegetation. Which was very rare at their home where everything is cold.

Anod felt something was off, like someone or something was watching them. When he looked again, Omlak had fallen into a hole covered by ivy and sticks. Anod's Grandfather also noticed the hole and decided to investigate it - even though he thought it might be dangerous. As they got closer, Anod could feel a strange pulling force towards the entrance of the hole- so he jumped in without hesitation.

When he landed he didn't feel the pain of landing on his feet when he looked around and he was in a tunnel leading forward. As he started moving forwards he noticed a human figure standing like a statue it was Omlak. Anod ran to his friend and noticed that Omlak was staring at something with his jaw dropped. When Anod looked at what his friend was staring at his jaw dropped too. They saw a stone that was emanating blue and red light from it yet it still glowed white, they couldn't believe it this was it this is what they have been searching for. It was the Khraff stone.

There was suddenly a quick burst of light and someone jumped on top of the pillar that the Khraff stone was on, he grabbed it and put it in his bundle and started laughing manically.

He introduced himself as Barry the Blacktooth the great Viking Pirate of the north sea, he was here for the Khraff stone to take it for himself. Berry jumped down and started running in the other end of the tunnel. When Anod was out of the shock he started chasing the pirate in the tunnel but he was lacking beside. Suddenly Berry stopped under a well like opening and started climbing up on the rope while pulling it beside himself. But Anod didn't give up he used the bricks on the side to climb but at the moment that he got out Berry fell right back in the hole and a huge stone was placed on the entrance.

When Anod looked up he could see the face of his brother Silvak the sourface smiling at him, this was the first time he ever smiled. He quickly told Anod to follow him and they started running towards the other entrance they could see Omlak and Musty standing there beside a stone.

Anod shortly after happiness he realized that the stone was down in the mines when he said this Silvak pulled out the stone from under his robes and let it shine in the sun. Silvak asked them to put their hands on the stone as soon as they did this they got teleported on the main square of the village.

As they appeared on the main square everyone looked at them in shock. Very soon when they have told their story everyone believed them and they were happy that this happened. Anod's father Gondal the Giantstomach came to Anod and Silvak and told them how proud he was that they could prove what they believed in.

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