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Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some, it's just because they can. For some, it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Whatever their reason, these students are letting themselves get into something they really shouldn't: a moment of forbidden passion with their teachers. *** Forbidden Passions is a collection of teacher/student one shots and part of my Forbidden Lovers Series. All one shots are their own original stories. Warning: This book is only suitable for 18 years and over due to sexual content.

Эротика 18+.

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"Is there anyone who didn't get their assignment back?" Professor Dickhead, as we like to call him, given his seemingly lack of caring about anything, calls out across the class.

A murmur carries across the students clearly showing I wasn't the only one to not get a great grade. I glance down at the paper handed back to me again and frown. I was hoping that I had read it wrong before and it will have mysteriously changed in the few seconds that passed. I did not spend all this money for university, just to practically fail on an assignment.

"You know how you can get that altered, right?"

I look to my right to my best friend, Chloe, slowly raising her eyebrows as a small smirk appears on her face.

"No chance! I am not stooping to that level!" I shake my head and look back to Professor Richards, not really taking in what he is saying.

There's a rumour among the students that he might be willing on occasion to bump up a grade for something in return, but there's no way I could ever become part of that club. That's not to say he isn't good looking, because he is, but if he is the type of person to trade sex for better grades then maybe I am in the wrong class, and he shouldn't even be a teacher here at all.

"Oh, come on, you can't tell me you haven't thought about it? He may be a douche, but I bet he's got a killer body hiding under that suit of his." Chloe whispers in my ear and I hate her for the images in my mind right now.

Instead of him lecturing in front of the class and pointing to the board on occasion, in my head he is currently undoing the buttons on his shirt as he talks only to me, giving me directions on how to improve my work in the future. My eyes drop and I envisage him undoing his trousers, slowly, teasing me by pausing before pulling the zip down.

The bell knocks me out of my daydream and as my heart beats wildly, I look around the room glad that everyone seemed oblivious to my little moment. That us until I look at Chloe next to me, smirking away.

"Did the end of the lesson interrupt some thoughts?" She raises an eyebrow and I shove her away gently.

"Shut up!" I start to pack away my things, trying to keep in time with everyone else's actions, knowing that I have to talk to him about my grade regardless of how I choose to bring that grade up. "I, uh, I'll catch you up." I glance behind me to her knowing face.

"Just promise to tell me everything later." Her smirk becomes a wide grin as she heads up the stairs to the nearest door out of there.

I slowly turn to face his desk and ask myself if I am really considering doing this. Is this really something I want to have in my bank of memories? Is this really a story I want to tell some day? Regardless of my thoughts, I tentatively walk over to his desk and clear my throat.

"Can I help you?" He looks at me, his stern expression never once wavering.

I calmly place the paper in front of him. What the fuck is this? Is what I want to say but I can't speak to my teacher like that, even one as annoyingly rude as he is. "I believe you gave me the wrong grade."

Mr. Richards removes his glasses. "Really? Well, I'm afraid that is your grade whether you like it or not, Miss..."

"Holly. My name is Holly Newton."

"Holly." He smiles slightly and I don't really like the way he is looking at me. My brain screams at me to get out of there before I do something incredibly stupid.

"I was wondering..." don't say it... "if there was any chance I could..." seriously do not say what you are about to say... "earn a better grade. Sir." And you said it. I ignore the voice in my head and attempt what I hope is a suggestive, and sexy, look.

"There may be a way. But we should take this elsewhere, Miss. Newton." He takes his briefcase from the desk and leans towards me. "Why don't we discuss this further in my office?"

I hide the gulp in my throat, not believing that he would really go for it and pray that he is just trying to joke with me, and when we do get to his office, he will actually give me some useful tips to improve my work instead of what I'm currently thinking.

As we enter his office, my heart beats faster than ever before, particularly when he draws the blind on the little window and locks it. It's then I realise I should never have started this. I should have just taken the bloody D and left with Chloe.

"So, exactly how much are willing to change your grade?"

I stay by the door, wondering if I can turn the key from behind my back without him knowing, but when I reach out there is no key to be found.

"Looking for this?" He holds up the key before placing it on his desk. "Thing is now we're here you're not leaving until you get what you want. You want a better grade, then prove it." He moves towards me leaving a small space between us. Any closer and he could easily push me up against the door. "So, what'll it be? A C? A B?" He leans himself against me so I can almost feel every inch of him. "Or do you think you can handle going for an A?" A hand trails down the side of my face, followed by a finger down my neck making me shiver.

"What do I have to do?"

A smile creeps over his face and I take a deep breath in, knowing this is going to be nothing like my daydream earlier. "Well, let's start simple and see just how far you're willing to go." He claims my mouth and doesn't waste time pushing his tongue down my throat as he slams me against the door. It's now that I am glad he locked the damn thing.

I feel myself losing the ability to breathe and desperately try to inch my hands between us to push him away. Small moans escape my mouth as he runs his hands down my sides and back up underneath my top. In an attempt to play at his game I feel for his trousers and undo the button and zip, allowing me access. I plunge my hand down and stroke him through his boxers, thankful that it makes him pull his mouth away from mine, giving me the opportunity to breathe again. I run my hand up and down the material still trapping him as he strains to be set free. I inch my hand over the waistband and dive in to feel him skin on skin, the only sound coming from him a low grunt the more I touch him. Just to antagonise him further, I slowly remove my hand from him, and he admits a hiss when contact is lost.

"I didn't tell you to stop!" He pulls me forward and slams me against the door, before pushing into me more so that I can no longer deny just how much he wants something from me.

"Then let's set you free." I wedge my hands between us and tug his trousers and boxers down letting him spring from his confinements. "Better?"

"Not, even, close." He tilts my chin up to look at him as he presses into my stomach. "Either suck me dry or remove your clothes, because either way I am coming inside you."

Not entirely sure about which I prefer, I reach down to undo the button and zip on my jeans. No sooner than I've pulled them down has he lifted one of my legs and wrapped it around his waist giving him the slightest bit of access to me. I instinctively lift the other and with his tip at my entrance he carries me to the desk and sets me down, giving my legs a bit of relief, but not for long when he slowly inserts himself inside me and I roll my head back.

"You will keep eye contact with me at all times!" He pushes my head back up to look at him as he pumps in and out of me. I squeeze his waist tighter with my legs as he quickens his pace, not sure I can take much more of this. I'm not a virgin, but I haven't exactly seen much action either.

"Do that again." He keeps contact with my eyes so easily as he talks. "Squeeze your legs together again." I do as I am told and relish slightly in the fact that it turns him on. To be honest, it turns me on even more too.

As he starts to quicken his pace, I can't bare the moments when he pulls out so I move my hips in rhythm with his, barely letting him move away from just the right spot before hitting it all over again.

"You need to stop that, or I won't be able to pull out in time."

I stop momentarily to lean forward. "You said you were going to come inside me, so do it." I run a hand down the back of his head as I bite my lip for a second when his tip hits me again. "Do it." I taunt him, lightly grazing his hairline above his neck. "Let go."

At my words, he finally lets it all out and we both gasp in satisfaction. He continues moving through the orgasm, gradually slowly down. When he finally stops, I rest my chin on his shoulder and try to calm my breathing, feeling his heart beating almost in time with mine.

When I have the right amount of energy, I lift up and face him again. "So, how did I do?"

He remains silent as he pulls out from me and adjusts himself inside his boxers and trousers, leaving me exposed in front of him. "B+."

I hop down from the desk, gripping it behind me for balance, while my jeans stay around my ankles and give him a smile. "Then, let me show you that I am willing to work for that A." I turn around and lean over the desk, craning my neck to see him stood behind me. "That is, if you think you have any juice left."

He walks up to me and lightly slaps my bare bum cheek. "Oh, I think you'll find I have plenty." I turn my head back to face the wall opposite his desk and smile as the sound of his zip coming down fills my ears.

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