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Yolanda Ramos is an eighteen years old black Mexican. She's a teenage model,loner,and an artist. Sadly she was sold by her father on her eighteenth birthday to an Italian Mafioso Edoardo Raffa. Edoardo Raffa has a daughter Rina and three sons Manuel Riccardo and Federico.They are wealthy and famous. His sons are known to be brutal and cold, especially Riccardo who is tagged to be the devil. What happens when Edoardo introduces Yolanda to his sons?

Романтика эротический 18+. © This book is solely written by me I won't tolerate anyone copying my story without my permission. Thanks.

#suspense #love #betrayal #murder #violence #revenge #mafia #jealousy #hatred #abuse
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Who are you?

Yolanda laid on her queen sized bed,she hummed to the song playing at the background as she drew in her drawing book.

The door opened,her mum came into view,she walked towards Yolanda and stood before her.

'Yolanda.'she called.

'Mum.'Yolanda answered and stared at her mum.

'come down for dinner.'Ada said.

'i'm not hungry mum.'

Ada shook her head'No way,I came here personally because I Know sending your sisters and the maids to call you will be fruitless.'

Yolanda shut her eyes and exhaled'Mum I lack appetite, besides my manager says I'm gaining weight which is not good for my career.'

Ada sighed,she stretched her hand, collected Yolanda's book and pencil.

'Mum,please give it back.'

'No Yolanda,you must come down to eat, it's an order.'Ada stipulated sternly.

Yolanda groaned'Fine.'She jumped down from the bed,trialed behind her mum to the dinning room.

Her sisters who were trying to convince their father to let them go out,cheered when they saw Yolanda walk into the dinning with their mum.

'Mum you did it.'Luisa and Lolita said.

Ada nodded her head feeling proud as Rigo stared at her in surprise.

Yolanda sat down quietly,after Ada said a brief prayer,they commenced eating.

'Little sis,mum,Luisa and I decided to host a party for your eighteenth birthday, what do you think?'Lolita said.

Yolanda was surprised,she smiled'You don't have to.Its fine.'

'No it's not.Come on you are turning eighteen in two days,it's a big deal.'Luisa added.

'It's totally fine.'Yolanda said.

'you should listen to your sisters Yolanda,you have to enjoy and come out of your shell sometimes.'Rigo said.

'Yes,'Ada nodded'your dad and sisters are right.I will invite your highschool friends.'

'Mum you know I don't have friends,the party will be a bore,'she paused,'besides I will be leaving for college next week I have to prepare.'

Lolita and Luisa rolled their eyes and pouted'Too late little sis.'lolita said.

Yolanda gave her a puzzled look.

'Everything for the party's set.'Luisa said.

Lolita nodded'Mum already invited people,the caterers have been paid and booked.'Lolita smiled.

Yolanda sighed in defeat.


'Yay.'The girls squealed.

Ada winked at them secretly.

Just when everything was going smoothly, Pedro staggered inside the house, he reeked of alcohol and sweat.He kept blurting gibberish,he was about to climb the stairs when Rigo spoke up'pedro,you were out again with those hoodlums you call friends right?'

'come on...da....d,yo...u..bark li... like...a chi...huahua.'Pedro laughed,he was about to walk but bumped into a chair.

'Pedro when will you change?'Ada asked.

'Honey,there's no point speaking to a drunk person.'Rigo said.

Ada nodded'Pedro your room now.'

Pedro stared at Ada and laughed'Dont orde...r me a... round,you....you... ain't my mo....ther,black b*tch.'

'Pedro.'Lolita snapped,he stared at her and looked away.

'Shut up Pedro,she raised you.'Rigo yelled.

'it's fine.'Ada assured Rigo.

Pedro laughed'see?,she agrees she's...noth.....ing...but a...a..b*tch.'

Ada stood up in annoyance, walked up to Pedro and hit him on his cheeks,Pedro fumed in anger he picked up a chair and threw it at Ada luckily, Rigo caught it.

'Enough Pedro go to your room.'Rigo ordered.

'no...no...no..no,I...nee....d to...to...'Pedro couldn't complete his statement, he threw up on the floor and his shirt.

The girls lost appetite,they stood up and left the dinning.

At night, Yolanda was sleeping peacefully,her chest rising and falling as she breathe softly.

Her door opened,as someone walked in.

He shut the door quietly,and sat beside her,he stared at her face down to her clad feet,he slowly took off the duvet and stared lustfully at her exposed thick thighs.

'Yolanda.'He smirked, trailed his hand all over her body,when he got to her bottom,he squeezed it, immediately her eyes opened,she tried to turn on the lights but he stopped her.

'Wh...who are you?'she asked in fright.

'If you scream I swear I will kill you now.'He threatened,and pulled out a knife.

Yolanda kept quiet,she sobbed silently,as he caressed every part of her body,he sucked her neck, caressed her clad peaches,he took her dress up and rubbed her thighs,she kept sobbing,after gathering enough strength,she pushed him and ran out of her room,his head collided roughly to the floor,as the knife pierced his wrist.

Could he be dead?

Thanks for reading,I hope you enjoyed it.❤️❤️❤️

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