Lucy Butcher

Everything is normal. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, but suddenly a talking rabbit comes out of no where! Alice goes on a crazy adventure but this time she doesn’t wake up. In this new version of Alice in Wonderland, instead of her going to Wonderland, Wonderland comes to her.

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Scene 1

(Sister enters on the left and looks at Alice)

SISTER:“Good morning Alice, said Alices sister. Ready to start school?”

(Alice snores and sister claps hands

SISTER: “Up, up! Time to learn!”

ALICE:“No…” Groans Alice.

RABBIT: Thud, thud, thud… hears Alice.

(Alice wakes up from the noise and sits straight up)

RABBIT:“I’m gonna be late, oh but the queen can’t wait, says the panicked rabbit.

ALICE:“Hold that thought”, Alice says curiously.

(Looks behind her and acts surprised)

ALICE: “Where did that hole come from?” Alice said wondering.

(Alice gets up and goes a couple steps over and tries to go in the hole)

ALICE: “Ow!”, Alice says confused. “What happened?”

HOLE: “I won’t let you in,” the hole said sternly.

ALICE: Why?!

HOLE: It’s because you aren’t wondrous enough to be in wonderland.

(Hole closes up and Alice goes back, sits down, and looks up)

CATAPILLAR: “recite the Butterfly Butter BackBlinding bling”, the caterpillar said speedy fast

ALICE: The butterfly has-

(Alice sees the Cheshire cat)

CHESHIRE CAT: He, he, he!

ALICE: Woah! Look at that!

SISTER: Look at what?

(Alice is surprised to see her sister)

ALICE: How- how...

SISTER: How what.

ALICE: You were a caterpillar, and-and

SISTER: A catapillar! How dare you call me such a reched creature!

(Sister drags Alice out by her arm exiting left)

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