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The moral story is the lesson that teaches about how to behave in the world. It help in building the ethics and value that aid in developing the spirit of righteousness among children. Moral stories teach children the importance of remaining grounded and not straying from the right path due to the lures of greed, envy, or pride. Because I believe that every child is unique and innocent in their own way, their behavior depends on the environment in which they live. We often think that 5 is the learning age for any child. Wrong, at 13 months, your baby begins to learn by observing the things, people, and environment around him. No one is responsible for their negative behavior, for their anxiety and depression, for their suicide and even their criminal behavior, but you. If you want to stop it, just improve your parenting style, stop comparing your child with others, they are very precious.

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The Penguins who were afraid of water

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Ann E. Jacobites Ann E. Jacobites
Super cute and it reminds me of Club Penguin lol
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