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"I don't understand anymore, who am I exactly? What am I doing here? Who are they? Did I really kill Eva? And why? All this is bothering me...and I'm incapable in the face of this ignorance..." Lydia Di Cyr Carl, a young lady who wakes up in a world without memories, including her identity, will try to unravel the mysteries, to better understand her situation. But will she finally manage to reveal everything? From her point of view, you will discover her story. But above all, will she manage to charm you? ※ Writer Note| I’m still confused about a point: should I translate the title as well or no need? Well, Good Reading ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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Chapter I

"Ouch... I'm in so much pain"

That's how I realized my situation, I was bleeding, with a... A SWORD stuck in my belly! ...dipped in a pool of blood. I wonder how it happened, I don't remember anything...not my age...not even my name...and funnily enough, I only remember one sentence "TD is Scoop", I had read it somewhere...
So I sit up a bit on the bloody bed and analyze my surroundings I was in a room where, I dare say, all the luxury of the world was, upholstered with high-quality carpets, white silk curtains, and wall decorations, which alone will be worth a fortune.
Dazzled by this spectacle I get up and ... Crack... I stomped on something soft... but bony. A shiver went down my spine, and I took the attempt to explore the ground. Hoping that it wasn't what I thought it was, and contrary to my wish it was indeed as I thought—a human... dead.

Seeing this body, a memory came to me, it was a woman called "Eva Maury" and... I killed her after an argument, and the last thing she said to me was "Lydia, you're wrong" and then passed away. I conclude that my name was Lydia.
I don't think I killed her for fun, so she should deserve it, and it's entirely possible she was the one who tried to kill me first.
Dumbfounded by my thoughts, I recovered as I heard footsteps approaching, sensing danger, I played dead, and unexpectedly I could no longer feel my heartbeat or even the sounds of my breathing.

The footsteps came closer and closer until the door of the luxurious room opened.
The luxurious door opened, and strangely enough, I saw, with my eyes closed, a negative clip where a man whose age should not exceed 40 years, with an imposing physique, opened this door, he looked submissive to the orders of an old back (well, he wasn’t that old, he might be on it’s 30’s or 40’s, but I prefer to say old because of the fact that he was the so called the Boss), who had familiar features, but whom I did not recognize. He looked comfortable in this place, and in a hoarse voice replied:
- Louis, are you sure they are dead?
- Yes master, should I check again?
- Of course, you idiot, one mistake can be fatal in our situation.
- Forgive my ignorance, sir.

So, the one called Louis approached and checked my and Eva's pulses, to signal to his master. And then went out. Already their discussions show that they are responsible for what happened in this room.
When they came out, I was as if freed from a heavy burden, I tried to concentrate on the sound of their footsteps so that I could get out without being noticed, and to my surprise, I was able to imagine (or vision, I don't know exactly what it was, in short, I had seen) the plan of the place and their location about mine.
I was in some kind of castle (I don't know how I thought of it, but the plan had a hint of familiarity, and my mind was telling me it was a castle)
Thinking about it, this is the third situation where I manifest a supernatural power, I really don't understand anymore, who am I exactly? What am I doing here? Who are they? Did I really kill Eva? And why? All of this is bothering me...and I'm at a loss when faced with this ignorance, there's nothing to point me in the right direction.

I forgot... I'd have to remove this damn blade first, which is paralysing me. I couldn't possibly walk around such a luxurious castle with a sword in my stomach!
So I took it out, then looked for clues, but in vain. And finally, get out of this place...
When I opened the door, I found myself face to face with my spitting image (I had seen myself in a mirror by removing the claymore), I had silver hair, minnow eyes, one was indigo blue and the other vermillion red, my features were eurythmic, I dare say I was a real beauty. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was wearing a baroque Marie Antoinette dress (again, my instincts tell me) and since it was all bloody, I changed it for a more sober one. This portrait was placed opposite my "room" in a long corridor as luxurious as the room, with beautiful vases and sumptuous statues. I let my instincts guide me, and headed for a "kitchen" (this time it wasn't my instincts, but rather the plan).

There, there was a lady (whose presence alone was reassuring), as she saw me she began to sob:
- Ly...Lydia..She came over and put her hands on my cheeks..My darling..where have you been..forgive me I thought I'd never see you again, I'd been suffering for the whole bloody week, but thank God you're safe..hugged me tightly, and I felt a warmth emanating from my eyes. I was crying not knowing the cause.
-Thank God! Some young ladies behind her were also crying. I can see that they loved me, so this is the best opportunity to understand my situation better:
-May I ask you a question? Who am I exactly? Where am I? I don't remember anything..and I started to tear up, feeling embarrassed by these questioning and confused looks.
-My..my young lady. You don't remember anything? ..I shook my head emitting no... So it is my duty to inform you. First of all, my name is Anya Seil, your lady-in-waiting, I am 20 years old. You are Princess Lydia Di Cyr Carl, 19 years old, the only daughter of Emperor Viron Di Cyr Carl, and therefore heir to the throne of the Medio Empire. Empress Nikki Di Cyr Carl, your mother, committed suicide after realizing that her last "victim" (of war of course) the great mage of the enemy republic: Cezar, had put a curse on her while breathing his last words.And still tears were burning my cheeks...

I wiped my tears and said:
- You know when I woke up, I was in a luxurious room, which seemed to me to be mine and I had a sword stuck in my belly on a bed, there was a dead girl on the floor as well..they looked at me with round eyes, and one replied:
- My... Miss, are you... are you hurt? Rushed a cute little maid, and then apologised for the insolence she had shown me.
- It's no big deal, the wound wasn't too deep, so I managed to dress it. To be honest, it was serious, but there was no need to worry about a wound that was already starting to fade.
- Oh dear, you should have just called me in, but do you know who this lady is?
- I'm not sure, but my instinct told me it was a certain Eva Maury.
- Oh my gosh, what happened to our young Eva!
- Who is she again?
- ...She is your only best friend, the one who, where you are she is, the one who sacrificed her blood to help you, she is the eldest of the duchy Maury Carl, her mother Lucy Maury Carl is the younger sister of the late empress, your mother, and her father Darwin Maury Carl is the brother-in-law of his majesty, your father, which makes Eva your cousin. I looked at her with round eyes "I killed my cousin!" Well, we should take a look, and in the hope that we can help her.

I discreetly told her about the visit of Louis and his master, and she told me that it was the famous Darwin Maury Carl, the brother-in-law of "my father", who wanted for ages the throne, (that explains a little the fact that he was involved in the "accident"), and when we speak of the devil, we see his tail! When I saw this one, I hid behind a kind of thick curtain. Waiting for the wolf to disappear, who was insulting my poor Anya.
"Why is he bulling my poor Anya? What does he take himself for? And what the hell is Louis doing back there? What are they playing at? Won't they stop? They're blocking my view! Let them disappear!"
I lamented, unable to move as I felt my consciousness begin to fade. And my aura was beginning to disappear, giving way to another which I dare say was the "murderous aura", when the cute little maid shook me, refreshing my thoughts, and I asked her name, so I knew that she was a certain "Lily Cross", daughter of an earl, she was 16 years old.

I turned round to analyse the state of my dear Anya, who was waging a cold war with "my uncle". She spoke provocatively with him, so she must have been in a good social class, but I was a little too curious to stop at that conclusion, so I asked about the sweet Lily, she was Duchess Seil, her parents were guillotined for treason, she had saved me from their assassination attempt, which allowed her to save herself and keep her title of Duchess, and to continue to work under my wing. And so she was one of my most loyal subjects.
Without realising it, a hand came to my shoulder in surprise, I flinched, seeing "that person" Lily bowed, I dared not turn around, was it Darwin? Or a high-ranking nobleman? Or the emperor? To answer my questions, I would have to turn around, but my body refused to give in, but it would do me no good, I gathered all my courage, and turned around, and again a familiar face, and this time I recognized it, it was ...

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