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Everything might seems going more than alright in your life, you have a stable job, a beautiful house, and you are seeing a girl; it looks perfect until that girl goes missing, now the question arises. What happened to her?

Триллер 13+.

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"I love you"

Those were the last words I said to her before she disappeared, it's already been a week, it feels strange.

It all started in that cyber cafe, I saw her, apparently she was working on something about finances, I didn't paid enough attention, I just know that I had the courage to approach her and start getting to know her.

They were the best months of my life, we got to formalize our relationship to a certain point, but then out of nowhere, she stopped answering me, nobody knew where she was, her parents, friends, co-workers; she just vanished.

Or so everyone believed.

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