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Tell me if you can. How do you choose? Let me be more clear. The way that Adonis makes me feel is indescribable, when it comes to him no language has formed the words to truly do him justice. When it comes to communicating the true extent of the desire he induces in other people;words are not enough. The feeling can only be described as a slight simmer in the pit of my stomach, as light tingling sensation at my toes , that's how it starts. But somehow it grew; exponentially. I gave in first, how could I not. Each second I spent with him was another brick of my defences torn down. I've always been drawn to him not for the way that he dances with my angels; but for the way his voice silences my demons. One moment, that's all it took. Once all things were set in motion , what was done could not be undone( believe me, we tried.) One thing led to another and when the truth came out we couldn't face it. I mean he's my best friend's boyfriend for Christ's Sake! It shouldn't be this hard of a decision. But it is, now here I stand infront of both of their unconscious bodies. Car ablaze a few metres away. I can't save them both I already tried But no way in hell am I losing them both! So I ask once more. Now that I've made it clear. Tell me if you can. How do you choose?

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Chapter l

"Come," he commanded but it was more than his words that made me follow. My steps were soft, graceful even as I made my way towards him.

"On your knees," he cooed. I had lost all sense of control at this moment. He held my gaze as I descended to my knees.

"Open your mouth for me princess," his voice became deeper as his fingers worked to set his member free.

I watched as the raging veins around it grow with each pulse. He stroked it gently before bringing it to my lips.

"Wider," he urged, and I did as commanded.

He released a soft sigh as his eyes fluttered shut. I held onto his hips while he gently thrusted into my mouth.

I tightened my lips around him, sucking a little harder earning a groan from him. I swirled my tongue around his tip, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum.

"Just like that baby," he muttered, sinking deeper into his daze.

I dug my fingers into his hips urging him to thrust deeper, thrust faster and he got the message and did as asked. He pulled ponytail tilting my head up to take more of him

"Fuck!" He thrusted harder this time, I watched as pleasure overtook his god-like features

I tightened my lips, sucking harder, taking more of him. His thrusts became more demanding, more eager for release and I wanted to give him that release.

"Fu-uck," he shuddered, he came in my mouth. I gulped as much as I could but some always slipped out (or so they say)

He pulled his slightly erected member out with a small smirk.

"You okay?" he wiped the edge of her lip, cum I presumed

I nodded, resting my face in the palm of his hand, closing my eyes as I savoured his touch.

"What are you doing to me?" he whispered. I'm not sure if I was supposed to hear it because it was so soft, but I did.

"The same thing you're doing to me," I whispered back at the same octave.

"On your feet, princess," he uttered afters moment of silence. He caught her as she slightly stumbled to her feet.

He leaned toward me and I followed suit expecting a slight peck from him, but boy was I surprised.

His kiss was gentle at first, but held so much promise for more. His tongue swiped past my bottom lip. Don't get it wrong , that was no request for entrance but a warning to what would come next. He's hands snaked around my hips, holding me like a vice. I moaned in response, surrendering all control to him.His tongue met mine, exploring my mouth at will.

Sparks, that's all there was and somehow he turned them into the all consuming, blazing fire of merciless passion that it was now. Our lips moved in sync as he lifted me off the ground, my heart was racing but I'm sure he had become accustomed to its erratic rhythm by now.

His lips grew more urgent, leaving me gasping for air.

The feeling of silk linen on my back sent a whole new set of sensations through me. The contrast between hot and cold only heightened my senses. His lips finally released mine only to relentlessly tackle my neck. His fingers continued to travel south to no-man's-land.

"Please...uhh...I," my back arched as he sucked harder, hard enough to leave a mark.

"I love hearing you moan, princess," he whispered into my ear, biting it softly.

" You need to be a bit louder if you want to get what we both know you want," he went back to working my neck. His fingers slid into the band of my undies.

"Babe......but...I" it was so hard to form coherent thought when he was around,let alone when was this close.

His lips migrated to my shoulders then to my boobs.

"I need you too......babe," he suck hard on my nipple as he massaged the other

"I know baby," he muttered between breaths.

"No you don't," i moaned in frustration as he continued to drive me towards the edge.

His fingers grazed my lips open( you know... the one's down there) instantly sending a shiver through me.

"You're so wet for me princess," a faint note of pride and wonder was palpable.

His fingers started circling my clit, completely derailing my train of thought. All the novels in the world can never truly prepare you for this moment.

"Tell me how bad you want it baby," he keep his fingers at my entrance, barely inside. I thrusted my hips in a futile attempt to get him deeper.

"Ah-ah, you know that's not how it works," he uttered with slight amusement and playful disappointment. He inched his fingers deeper ever so slightly

"Say it , Princess," his words continued to render me speechless.

"Adonis please..."

***************Blaring sound of alarm clock************

"Wake up bitch its time to go," Blare barges in, nearly knocking the door off its hinges, practically competing with the alarm clock.

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