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Learn about the BETA readers networks and the benefits you can get from it.

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BETA readers network

The BETA reader network is a group of voluntary avid readers willing to support other authors. Their main duty is to voluntarily provide constructive feedback to authors who request opinions on their chapters.

Anyone can join our BETA readers network by applying from your Library under the BETA readers tab. As a BETA reader, you can Opt-in or Opt-out whenever you wish.

How does it work?

After joining the network, BETA readers will receive an e-mail with all the instructions about how to respond to other authors' requests.

From then, BETA readers will start getting notifications whenever an author has a request for feedback. The author will write a message, and all BETA readers using the same language as the story will be notified with a private link to read the chapter.

BETA readers will have 10 days to read the chapter (always under 5,000 words) and leave a private comment that only the author will be able to see.

Please note that what we expect as a comment is your personal opinion aligned to the author's request, and shouldn't be longer than two paragraphs but also not a simple one-liner. This is by no means a copyediting service, so there is no need to pinpoint every single mistake in a chapter either. We are looking for just great readers like you who are willing to help others, but also do so in a polite and straightforward way.

Rewards as a BETA reader

Active BETA readers get rewarded in 2 fronts. Firstly, we grant you 25 Rewards Credits per valid comment; those are a lot of credits for just a comment! Secondly, if you an author yourself, after a few qualified BETA reads you will get BETA readers yourself for your own stories. If you are very active BETA reader, you will get special badges to showcase your achievements in the community!

There might be other surprises too along the way to show you how much we appreciate your efforts :-)

Do BETA readers need to respond to all requests?

No, there is no need. As this is a volunteering network, you can just attend the requests you can, however we invite you to stay active. Typically, we will love to have at least 2 to 5 BETA readers' comments per request. If you see there are pending reads that are lower than that, we encourage you to give a hand.

Language options

BETA readers, as a default, will receive chapters written in the same language as their account's language. If you wish to also receive stories in other languages, you can contact support and we will happily help you.

Leaving the network

You can opt-out of the BETA reader network anytime by using the link provided in the instructions e-mail you will receive after joining. BETA readers who have stayed inactive for an extended period of time will also be automatically demoted.

Let's get started

Do you want to become part of our great community? Join us today!

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Viviandria Haddix Viviandria Haddix
I look forward to using my reading skills in this program!
Himawari Das Quebradas Himawari Das Quebradas
O texto é explicativo e objetivo sobre a comunidade de leitores BETA faltando explicar que por causa que a comunidade está verificando muitas histórias é difícil ver e aceitar todos os pedidos para entrar na comunidade BETA fora isso o texto explica tudo direitinho
Rodrigo Tarragô Rodrigo Tarragô
Fico no aguardo para solicitações de leitura. Abraço o/
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