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This is a short children's story about a cloud who was lonely and then found the moon who became his friend.

Детская литература Всех возростов. © ©all rights reserved

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The Cloud

There was a cloud who thinks that he could make friends because he could heal everyone. But he still didn't have friends despite of that.

He journeys alone on the sky, he gazes at the stars alone and he drinks tea alone. He was blue and lonely. He tried to fit in into a group of stars called the zodiac signs. But they always made him feel unappreciated and alone. He is not their favorite person, and they don't like him but didn't tell him frankly because he was not a zodiac sign like them.

One night, the cloud saw the moon crying.

"I don't like the craters in my face. The zodiac signs said that I'm ugly with them in my face!" the moon sobbed.

The cloud said honestly to her, "You are beautiful still!"

The moon stopped crying and smiled cheerily.

So they talked together, drank tea together, eat tasty cakes together and sang each other songs. The cloud was never lonely again and the moon never thought that she was ugly again.


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A Aaradhya
Lovely! Danke!

Mervin Spidle Mervin Spidle
this is a cool story, i like it.

Aqua midnight Aqua midnight
This is a very cute story. I loved it!