Princess K goes on an adventure with a sorcerer named Charlie, on the way meets a friend named Ishama

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Episode 1

(The episode opens in desert showing a pyramid)

(Inside the pyramid, a girl who has long black hair, wearing a golden dress with a crown, and heels to match named Princess K)

(Princess K is a teenager, playing with a ball with a bunch of guards around)

One of the guards: Princess, pass it.

(This guard has short blonde hair named Phantom)

Princess K: Sure.

Another guard (taking the ball): No, you know how the king feels.

(The other guard has short red hair named Red)

Princess K: But, I have nothing to do, he won't let outside and make friends,so the only friends, I have you and the sorcerers, but they don't come that often.

A voice: Well, maybe that can change today.

(Princess K turns around to see a male sorcerer, who has short brown hair, wearing a golden robe named Charlie)

Princess K (smiles): You're here

Charlie: I am.

(Princess K hugs Charlie)

Charlie: Missed me.

Princess K: Yes

Charlie: Well, good news, I came here to take you on a journey.

Princess K (jumps): Really! Yeah!

Red: Charlie, you mustn't, the king will have a panic attack.

Charlie (looking at Red): He would if he found out, but he isn't, will he?

Red (head down): No, he won't.

Charlie (smiles): Good (looks at Princess K) ready?

Princess K (jumps with excitement): Absolutely, sweet freedom.

(Charlie waves his scepter, which causes both Princess K and him disappear)

(The screen switches to Princess K and Charlie ended up in a castle with a view of a forest)

Charlie: Well?

Princess K (looks out the window with a smile): It's beautiful (wind blows her hair

(Charlie smiles at Princess K smiling like a child)

Charlie (walks behind Princess K): So, about the journey.

Princess K (curious): Yeah, the journey, where will it begin? Will there be any dangerous things on the way of the journey? Huh?

Charlie: There might be a few obstacles, but nothing too dangerous, where it begins (points to the forest) there.

Princess K: (looks at the forest again) Perfect (turns to Charlie) you know I love (puts her hand on Charlie's) nature.

Charlie: Yeah, I do.

Princess K: Great, let's make sure to be extra prepared.

(Charlie points to a bag with Princess K's name in it)

Charlie: Your supplies, mine (shows a necklace from his pocket)

Princess K: (looking in the bag) Great (puts on the bag) let's go

Charlie: Alright

(Princess K kisses Charlie on the cheek, then Charlie wave his scepter and disappear with Princess K)

(The screen switches to Princess K and Charlie in the middle of the forest and see lovely woodland creatures being at peace)

(Princess K hops around trying to act like a ninja and grabs an acorn; the acorn gets some squirrels attention and follow her)

(Charlie makes more acorns for the squirrels and the squirrel play around Princess K)

Princess K: I think they want to be my friends

(The squirrels chatter meaning 'yes, we want to be your friends')

Princess K: Good, let's go on our adventures (jumps tree from tree being followed by the squirrels)

(Charlie follows Princess K and the squirrels and hit a tree with a force shield around it)

Princess K: (gets up) (looks at Charlie) I found something interesting.

Charlie (sniffs): I sense Heka

Princess K: (gasps) The god of magic, impossible.

Charlie (sniffs again): No, very possible, there has been proof of a sorceress that possesses the powers of Heka.

Princess K: Incredible, but could this be a threat or a cause for cheer?

(Charlie looks at Princess K with a smirk and Princess K smiles back)

Princess K: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Charlie: Yup.

(Charlie blasts the force field with his scepter, but the magic attacks him back and hits a tree)

Princess K (worried): Charlie!

Charlie (a bit dizzy): I'm okay.

(Princess K helps Charlie up)

Charlie: Seems destroying the force field won't be so easy.

(A squirrel pulls Princess K's hair, Princess K turns around and sees a glowing hole; she leads Charlie to the hole, and all of them jump into the hole)

(The hole throws them into a tree library, which a person is looking at books)

(The person turns around to see a man who has blonde hair, wearing a blue robe named Hex)

Hex: Charlie the sorcerer, I should've known it was you (gasps as he sees Princess K) your majesty!

Princess K (behind Charlie): Hello.

Hex: (laughs maniacally) The stars have aligned for me (blasts at Princess K)

(Charlie puts a shield to protect Princess K, the squirrels are sitting on the chair)

(Princess K notice the squirrels and takes the jewel, so the jewel wouldn't blast her squirrels)

(The Jewel makes a circle appear under Princess K and the squirrels)

Charlie (worries): Princess K!

(Charlie blast the jewel, but it's protected by a shield, the blast hits Hex instead and knocks him out)

Princess K (the jewel glowing around the library): What is happening?

(Charlie keeps trying to break the shield, but it was too late, the jewel makes her disappear with the squirrels)

Charlie: No (drops his scepter) Princess K!

Hex: Relax

(Charlie turns around to see Hex getting up, he gets his scepter)

Hex: She's okay, just in the village of Brickelwhyte.

Charlie: What?

(The episode ends with Princess K and the squirrels fell on the ground and people walking to them)

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