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It was usually zombies and vampires attacked, A van-stone of power which later turned to the van-stone of death when after it had been stolen from from the thunder mountain, Mark use the van-stone for fourth days before the was found dead, while other two actors also used it and they also found dead in a very miserable way after fourth days, now it is time for Rita to use the van-stone....

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At The Knight


The van-stone was kindly placed on the top of thunder mountain,the three god- leader. Gold, silver and the Lord stay below the mountain to worship the van-stone

"shallo, yee yoo." Shouted the first god-leader, for the founded back their van- stone,

The vampires and the zombies yelled in joy for their victory,

As they always do at night, the vampires and the zombies went into the city to feed on the peoples,

Some Hollywood actors are on a set to act a scene,Mr Joe who was their director was explaining how the scene will go,

the actors are twelve in numbers,Rita,Mark, Zak, Paul, Clara,Troy (but was absent recently), Diana, Prince,Jimmy, Fred,Jack and Carlos.

Mark and Rita were busy discussing about their way about the following morning,

Suddenly mark and Rita heard a strange clattering sound at their back,

"That must be a wolf coming" said mark,

They left point where they sat before and move closer to the director,

Suddenly, a vampire banged in, he captured the director and take him away,

The actors and the crews felt scared and ran away except Mark and Rita,

They were also scared but waited to know the destination if the vampire,

Rita and mark creep after the vampire till they got to the thunder mountain after some hours, the vampire dropped the director in the midst of the other vampires and zombies, Mark and Rita were shocked when they saw the multitude of the vampires and zombies,

Rita saw one of the actor, Zak, he is also a vampire,

"This is unbelievable" Rita said to her self,she kept it into her self not letting Mark to know about it,

Mark looked up to the thunder mountain and saw the van-stone shining so brightly,

"Look st that awesome diamond shinning so brightly" said Mark,

Rita also looked up and the van-stone shining so bright and lovely,

"The vampires and the zombies might be the one who kept it there" replied Rita

Mark sneaked off beside Rita and went to the other side of the thunder mountain, he climbed up to the thunder mountain and took the van-stone, immediate the van-stone stop shining and the place look so dark,

The god-leaders looked up to the thunder mountain,

"The van-stone as been attacked"

Rita looked her back and couldn't find Mark, she had knew that he has took the van-stone,

she ran straight to the other side of the thunder mountain and saw Mark descending from the thunder mountain, holding the van-stone,

"Go round the thunder mountain and destroy who ever you see" the god-leaders command the vampires and zombies.

Mark and Rita started running very hasty in the Forest,

But,unfortunate, some vampires captured Mark and Rita,

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