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Weekly new stories and chapters in Fun and scary paranormal stories, The Chainsaw Man, and more coming soon. Will the character's survive? Or will they reach a brutal end? Packed with alot of scary stories and chapters. Follow this story so you don't forget and that you're tuned for more. Sorry for the inconvenience in not making new stories, I am currently having a long break because I've been working a bit too hard for these stories. I'll come back soon. -Noah Rowland. -🎖4th most popular paranormal story -🎖2nd most popular lucid story (2nd grenre). -🎖P.S.L.S.W.C Writing competition winner

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STORY 1: Episode 1: Chainsaw Ghost.

“So, this house has been abandoned for 100 years, due to paranormal activity,” I said.

“This diabolical house particular has experienced crazy things Screams, possessions, fates. And worst of all… deaths,” Said Joseph. We searched up the house on Google about what happened to this place. “Come in the office, Riley, we will talk about it to you,” I said.

“So, apparently what happened to this place that made it so paranormal, is that this place had a diabolical man. He didn't really have a name. But he was just called, Chainsaw man,” I said.

“2 girls and the mom died from the chainsaw man, the chainsaw man kicked the door down and went to the girls room and sawed

Then. Blood splatting and covering all over the room,” said Jacob.

"The mom died from the Chainsaw Man and the dad woke up and hid in the closet. The dad was the only survivor who survived the predicament circumstances. And gained depression for being alone.

And ran away from the house and called for help. . . And never seen again,” said Jacob.

“That's a crazy story, so diabolical and grewsome,” said Riley.

“Riley, this is where we are going, are you down?” Said Jacob.

“I'm interested, so yes—I'll come,” Said Riley.

“Okay guys, tomorrow we will be going, pack your cameras and everything else,” I said.

We packed our bags and went to bed…

The next day.

“Alright, time to get ready,” I said while getting up from my bed.

I got my bags and walked to the car. “Alright guys, Let's go!” I said.

“Okay,” Said Jacob. “Coming!” Said Riley.

I put my bags in the boot and walked to the driver's seat and hopped in and started the engine.

“Alright boys, this house is actually so haunted, that it is also called: The Chainsaw Demon's Home,”

Everyone but me took a big deep breath simultaneously.

“And did anyone get Snacks?” I said.

“Tons, we will be fine,” said Jacob.

We looked at our pad in the car. “7 hours away, I knew it, that's why I got so many snacks,” said Jacob.

We drove…

“Alright, here it is… The Chainsaw manor, which is what most people call it,” I said while concomitantly parking the car at the side of the house.

“This house is massive,” I said. We all looked at the three-story house in shock.

“It's quite weird having a house in a middle of a Forest with no other houses, and the size especially,” wondered Jacob.

“I wonder what area of a Forest the dad ran to,” I wondered. We got out of the car and gathered in a circle, and fist-pumped. We went to the front door:

And opened it.

“Woah, why is this door open, I mean, unlocked?” Questioned Riley.

“That is peculiar, sure—” I answered.

“The Door wasn't the unusual thing, but this house? Holes in the walls, ripped painting, spider webs, cracks and torn off nails?” Said Jacob. “Yeah, don't forget this place is old—let's pretend this never happened,” Replied Riley. We went In the house and,

I got our cameras from our bag.

“Guys, Riley you put 10 cameras downstairs, and Jacob 5 cameras second story. I'll handle the third story,” I ordered politely.

We all put the cameras in the spots that I said where to put them.

We walked to the living room that had a table in the middle of the room and chairs around.

“Okay, everyone, we are good?” I asked.

“Yes, we are good,” Said Riley.

“I heard something where Riley was,” Said Jacob. “Are you confident? Because I heard nothing,” said Riley.

THUMP! “Wait, shh, what was that?” I said. It sounded as if it came from the kitchen, I decided to take a peek. . . “Nothing, don't see anything at all,” I said. “Weird, I'm going to get my spirit box out,” said Jacob.

“Okay,” Said Riley.

I kept looking in the hall, still nothing, my torch started flickering vigorously…

“Guys! My torch is screwed up!” I said.

“Get new batteries,” said Riley.

“Bro, this is a new torch, I put batteries in when I bought it,” I said. We heard knocking vigorously coming from the kitchen. “What the hell was that?!” I panicked. I decided to walk slowly to the kitchen…

THUMP. “GUYS RUN.” We all panicked to go upstairs. And all ran into a hallway and hid in separate rooms. “What the hell was that?” I questioned.

“I don't know,” answered Jacob.

We went back downstairs, we took each step slowly as substantially as possible.

“Bro, this whole house is so active,” I said.

We walked down, seeing paper scattered around the floor. I turned it around, and it says, "RUN, DIE.” “Guys, this place is by far the most haunted house ever,” Said Jacob. We start to hear heavy footsteps upstairs. . .

“What the Guys, shhh, follow me,” I said. We tip-toed to the kitchen and hid behind the counter. Footsteps start getting louder, and louder. THUMP, THUMP. THUMP.

“Guys, shhh,” I said. Covering our mouths. The ghost started to wander around the counter, I told my friends to come physically with my fingers going up and down as a sign to follow me. And crawled around the other side. We counted to 3 and ran…

GUYS, FOLLOW ME RUN.” I ran with my friends, we hear the heavy footsteps following us.

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Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
Thankyou, I can do that Yuki, thankyoy for the comment and the rating!
Yuki Shan Yuki Shan
Incredibly scary but can you make it more suspenseful that should draw in more readers
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very creative i think you have a great story, i love a good scary story like this
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
totally scary! I loved it


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