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The mystery creepy girl stand in the middle of the rode creeping the person out from their peaceful drive 😕

#15 in Ужасы #3 in истории о привидениях Всех возростов. © Siren

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The creepy mystery girl

I was driving by the dark forest in a good mood until the creepy girl was standing in the middle of the rode I tried beeping my horn telling her to get out the way she did not move a inch away from the rode she climb Right on top of the car I locked the car i called nine one one she bangs on the glass window — tears came out my eyes hoping she won't get in the car to take me Alive I drove off she was sitting behind me in the backseat I cried hoping she'll go away

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Katrina Woods New here 😁😊😄 I write horror and fantasy stories from magical creatures and drama series More stories coming soon


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Yes would like to hear more 🙂✔
D Deshawn
So what happens next did he die 🥲😔