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Lars, Luke, and Leif Swanborg are brothers. Leif is the only one who is single, for his 20th birthday his family decides to throw a party, their parents think it's to celebrate and the brothers decide it's to find Leif a girlfriend.

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Chapter 1

Leif’s birthday was near; Lars and Luke decided to throw a party for their little brother at the family home. Since Leif was turning 20 their parents agreed that a big celebration was needed, though it was hard to get their permission to drink some alcohol, they managed.

Leif was also the only single brother in the house and the party had a double reason; to celebrate and find Leif a girlfriend among friends of Luke and Lars, the three of them were social but Leif didn’t have many friends to choose from.

This is why Stella, Lars’ girlfriend ended up inviting Julia, a friend she had since middle school. Julia was pretty cool, and the type of female friend Stella thought that Leif needed in his life.

– Would it be okay if I arrive with a gift for him or like, a bottle or snacks for the party?

– Your presence is enough, just bring yourself

– You can’t go to a birthday party without giving a gift, especially when it’s in a house, you need to thank the hospitality!

– No one buys gifts, Julia

– That’s rude! I prefer to follow the tradition of my mom’s house

– Okay. If you want to buy a present, he’d like a tie because he likes to wear them a lot for formal events but needs variety, and milk chocolate with almonds is something else he likes – Stella shrugged –. Those are basically the only two things I can think of right now that are like average cost

– Does he drink?

– Not that much but he drinks pale lager occasionally

– Do you think that 12 cans would do for him and his brothers?

– Well, it depends on their mood but yes

– Good to know – Julia nodded

– But really you don’t have to. They basically gave up on hoping to receive gifts from friends because they never do

– I don’t have to, but I want to and if they never receive gifts from friends then it’s a good thing, they’re meeting me

– Whatever floats your boat, my friend! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it so it’s fine

Julia nodded with a small smile.

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