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A Draco x Reader Oc fan fiction were the first year of Hogwarts starts at the age of 15 and the last year ends with the age of 21. In the pov’s of both Draco and the Oc Alice. Both are now 19 years old although Draco is a bit older then her. Alice is from Germany and moved to England with her parents in the Summer holidays which is the reason why she transfers to Hogwarts. Depending on your choices the storyline changes and you can for example get in different Hogwarts houses (Ravenclaw and Slytherin) and make a different friends (Pansy and Luna). Alice’s family is like Draco’s a pure blood family resulting in her not having a choice but to go with her family to England. In Hogwarts you can after you turned 18 years old decide if you want to keep going with school or graduate. In this world there are different magic schools which witches and wizards can visit before the age of 15 so they have the required knowledge to be excepted at Hogwarts. In the fourth year in which they are 18 years old the school system changes where the students can choose which school subjects they want to participate in. But they still, no matter their age and school year, can get detention if they don’t behave according to the school rules. The storyline of the movies and books is pretty much the same though. I hope this description speaks to you and you’re going to read it. If you decide to read it please don’t be too hard on me, English is not my first language. Thank you <3

Фанфикшн Кино 13+.

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The Start of it all

Draco pov.

It was in the middle of summer holidays. I was sitting in the dining room, eating dinner with my parents, when my mother started speaking. "Draco dear, your father and I have planned a get together with some old friends of ours. They will be coming over this weekend on Sunday, just so you know."

"What friends? Don't I know all family friends of ours?" I asked my mother confused.

"You'd be surprised how few of our friends you actually know Draco. But if you must know, they are very old friends from the time we visited Germany. It was much before your time." my father spoke the sekond my dear mother wanted to answer my question.

"Oh and they have a daughter, her name is Alice and she is your age, so for your own sake you better behave. Understand?" he added.

Great that is just what I needed, a random German Girl visiting with her parents....But that was something I couldn't say if I wanted to see the outside for the next few days. So instead I answered politely.

"Of course father I wouldn't even dare not to." after I had said this my parents both nodded and everyone went back to their food. After I finished eating I decided to excuse myself and went to my room to keep reading my favourite book.

— The next few days I spend reading and already preparing myself for school —

To continue, make a decision among the following options:

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