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Part One

My name is Anastasia and this is the story of how my life changed. It all started last year..

I was lying in the grass,reading a book,when,all of a sudden,my father rushed over to me and screamed: "Leslie was attacked by a vampire! Get inside,Anna,before it becomes dark and a vampire bites you!" He grabbed me by the arm and led me inside. Leslie was one of the girls in his school. He believed everyone should have an education,so that's why he started his school. I wanted to remind him that vampires weren't real,but that all changed when I saw Leslie's body. It was covered in blood and though her eyes were open,they looked at nothing. I drew my breath."How did...but...it's not possible...no." I said.

"Last night,I heard a strange noise.It sounded like a scream. I went to see what was going on. Next thing I know, a student lies dead on the floor,and her crosses and holy water was stolen," he finished.

"You really think it was a vampire?" I asked.

"I know it's a vampire." He replied.

"We should tell the whole town the murder of my student...get him/her killed. "Then he started crying. I looked at him and said: "No,we should investigate this further. Who knows what would happen if we told the whole town?" I answered him.

"Yes,you're right. That's what we should do. I'm so lucky to have a daughter like you." Then he hugged me.

I was careful not to tell him that I didn't want the vampire exposed. I don't know why,but I didn't want that to happen.

"So,since her room is upstairs,near the attic,should I check there?" I asked my Dad. "Yeah,go up there. Maybe there are clues. But don't take me! I don't want to go up there."

"Sure."I answered back.

I headed upstairs. Once I was there, I looked around. There was blood everywhere. Her bed was overturned,and her body leaked blood. But for some reason, I didn't investigate the scene. I headed straight to the attic. There were forgotten books and old lamps everywhere. Then I found a locket. It was silver,shaped like a heart and decorated with roses and skulls.

I wanted to open it. But it didn't budge. I tried again and again,but it stayed shut. Finally, I threw it on the floor in frustration.That's when I noticed words on the back of the locket. Upon closer inspection,it was a riddle.The riddle said:"The only way to open this,is that you have to get bitten by the undead. Survive, and you can open this locket. Die,and you're not worthy to open this."

Maybe that's what happened! Maybe Leslie found the locket and never told us about it! Maybe,when a vampire came to bite her,she got a little scared (because there was a vampire that wanted to bite her) but she also got a bit excited because she thought that she would live to open the locket.

Just then,my Dad yelled: "Anastasia! Come downstairs!"

I shoved the locket in the folds of my dress and ran down the stairs.

"So what did you find up there,Anastasia?" my Dad asked.

"Just a lot of blood and an overturned bed.Nothing else."I answered.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Positive." I replied.

After that,Dad stopped asking me questions and left to make dinner.

After he made dinner,me and the rest of the students ate in silence. Which is strange,because usually we talk about everything. I guess everyone was too sad to talk.

After we ate,we headed to our rooms, not even bidding each other good night. As I went under the covers, I fell into a deep,dreamless sleep.

I woke up with a jolt. In my dream,a cold chill went down my back.

Just then,when I was thinking about the feeling, I heard rustling in the woods. I headed outside to go check it out. As I was walking outside,I found a bush. I ran over to the bush,afraid of what I would find.

There was a beautiful,familiar, but somewhat unnatural boy. He was about my age,which was sixteen years old. He had black hair and dreamy brown eyes. He looked parched."Are you hungry? We have foo-"

But that's when he bit me .It felt like a thousand knives were piercing my neck. I tried to cry out for help,but then I saw something.

I saw me,walking down a dark corridor,looking for the boy who was biting me right now. Wait,we were dating? Hmmmm...anyway, I opened a door to the corridor. Then I jumped into his arms and just stayed there. "Did you finally master your powers?" he asked, in a dreamy voice. Wait...I heard that voice before." Yes!" I answered excitedly. Then I caused a chair to lift right off the ground.

Up,up,up, it went. I felt joy, pure joy.

The person I loved was watching me use my powers. This was the best day ever!" I wanted to give you something." said Prince Joseph. Wait, I know his name?! What is happening here? From his hand he produced a locket. It was the same locket that was in the attic. But it was here,right now! "Oh Joseph,you shouldn't have..." I gushed. I turned around and pushed my hair back so that he could put the locket on my neck,but that's when the door burst open.

A beautifully dressed woman walked into the room,screaming: "Joseph,how COULD you? My little boy,off to marry a girl! A peasant girl,out of all girls! Tell this witch to LEAVE!" I swear, I thought her head was going to pop off.

"No,Mom. This is my life, and you don't get to control it." He defended.

"Well,if you won't listen to your Mama,then I'll have to curse you and your witch of a girlfriend for your own good." She answered.

"NO!" We screamed. We tried to fight her off,but she was too powerful. She took out her hands,which produced blue light,and said, "Spirits of the undead,bring me the power to bring eternity and bloodlust." She waved her hands around and zapped the dreamy boy.

"Nooooooooo!" I screamed."DIE,EVIL WITCH!" I yelled. I raised my arms to attack,but then she turned on me. "Spirits of memory,bring me the power to wipe one's mind and hide thy memory in thy locket." Before I could duck,she zapped me.

Suddenly, I came to the present.When the strange boy was done biting me,I just looked at him. He didn't even injure me. "What...was...that?" I asked,breathless.

"What you saw was a memory that you forgot. I bit you so you could remember. It's the only way." He answered in that dreamy voice. He continued: "The only way to complete the memory is the locket."

I realized what I had to do. I ran all the way back to my house.

When I was finally there, I climbed all the way back to the attic and opened the locket.

The memories came rushing back to me like soldiers in a battlefield. I saw the day me and Joseph met. I saw the day when I found out I was half witch. He helped me use my powers. In fact, I saw everything. I couldn't believe I forgot it all. He's my boyfriend! I'm supposed to remember him. When I came to the world, Joseph was there.

"If you're so nice,then why did you kill Leslie? It's so unlike you." I asked.

"That wasn't me." He answered.

"Then who killed her?" I inquired.

"My Mom did. When she was done cursing us,she promised that she would kill anyone who'd ever interfere with her curse. Leslie found the locket first and she didn't like that. She feared that Leslie would find out everything and that she'd get executed for her curse. So,my Mom searched for her and then killed her. I tried to stop it,but I was too late."

"Very believable story. But if you hadn't killed her,then why did my Dad insist that it was a vampire?" I asked.

"My Mom stole the crosses and holy water to make it look like I did it. " He answered. Joseph also added: "Leslie wasn't excited at all. The locket said that you had to get bitten by a vampire and live, so that you could open the locket. My Mom isn't a vampire,she's a sorceress. So the only feeling Leslie had was-"

"Terror." I finished for him. Everything was starting to make sense! Finally,something makes sense in my life! But I still had questions.

" Why are you here?" I asked.

"When she cursed you,I felt despair and agony. I spent the rest of my days searching for you. When I finally found you, I took the chance to let you remember. But there's also a problem. Mom is probably watching us right now and will do everything in her power to kill you and make me her mindless slave. If you're wondering what that means,then I'll tell you. It means she will literally take control of my body and make me do things like find ways to give her ultimate power and take over the world. She wants to do that so she can make a new universe where she rules the world. Trust me,You don't want that." He answered.

" You want me to help?" I asked.

"Yes." He said.

"Then I'll help.Just one more question."


"Did you write those creepy words on the locket?"

"What! No,that was my Mom!" He answered.

Thank goodness!

Just then, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs." Anastasia,are you upstairs?" It sounded like my Dad. Oh no,It was my Dad!

"I have an idea." I said.

"Are you sure it's going to work?" He asked.

"This will definitely work." I answered.

"Hand me the locket and hide in the closet."I ordered.

He ran off to the nearest closet. Perfect! Now I need my Dad to come upstairs. When he walked upstairs,I said,:"Open the locket."

"Anastasia, I don't have time for this. Just go back to bed."

" Dad,It's important. Please open the locket."

"Fine, but I'm only doing this to stop you from disobeying me." Then he opened the locket. I watched as all of the memories came flooding back to him.

When he was done, he said: "To the carriage!"

And with that,we bounded downstairs.

Before we got on the carriage,we had to have a headmaster at our school,since my father was coming with us." Who will take care of the sch-" I was asking before Dad interrupted me." I know just the person." he said.

When we came downstairs,we found my Aunt Amalia.Aunt Amalia is a kind woman who loves people. She's perfect! I thought." So I'm supposed to take care of these lovely angels?" She asked my Dad." Yes." he answered. "But, remember.....", then he started telling her the rules,....and don't let Michelle in the kitchen, she'll try to eat the raw dough for one of her experiments,and you don't want that!" He yelled out as we walked into the carriage." Got it!" she said,but we were already driving into the night.

"Where to?" I asked Joseph.

"My Mom's palace. It's not that far,and that's where she'll most likely plan her next move." he answered .


"I'm positive that's where she'll be." he said, shooting me an annoyed glance. What? I thought. But out loud I yelled:"To the Palace!" And with that,we continued our journey.

Meanwhile, Queen Narcissia was staring at her magic stained glass window, watching the trio in their carriage." HOW DARE THEY DEFY ME!" She yelled."THEY THINK THEY CAN STOP ME FROM RULING THE WORLD?! How silly of them."

"GUARDS!"She screamed.

"Y-y-yes,My Queen?" They all stuttered out.

" Fetch me the potion to enlarge." She requested "B-b-but-"


" Y-y-yes,My Queen." and with that,they went to get the horrible potion.

We finally found the Queen's castle. It was a beautiful, yet somewhat foreboding castle.It was marble with Spanish tiles,and it had stained glass windows. Vines covered the great structure like snakes,and there was an iron gate guarding it. Any living thing,trees,flowers, seemed to die if surrounding the castle. I smelled death. Yes,it was a castle no person would dare enter,until now.

" So,this is the Queen's castle?" I asked.

"Yes, this is her castle. Now let's not waste any time and enter the castle already!" said Prince Joseph.

The three of us walked out of the carriage and towards the gate.

"It's locked." I stated, staring at the heavy,brass lock. "How are we supposed to open it?"

"I know a trick." Joseph replied with a crazy grin. He took six steps back.

Wait,what is he doing?

Then he ran towards the gate.

"Joseph,what are you-"

But that's when he crashed open the gate. "This

he said... is one of the perks for being a vampire."

We walked into the lovely and terrible castle to defeat the evil queen.

Once we were in the castle,the Queen stepped before us. She was beautiful, yet she scared the heck out of me. She had long,dark hair pulled back in a bun with infinite braids,a purple and white gown with complicated embroidery,her crown was filled with blood red ruby gems. Wait,are those diamonds filled with blood? I thought. Upon closer inspection,they were. Her eyes were an angry brown,and her face contorted into a scowl and her scepter looked like the rouge staff of Hell.

"You made a horrible decision,Joseph. Instead of listening to your Mommy. You will pay,all of yo-"

"How about you shut up and start fighting already?" He snarled.

Soon,me and Dad were zapping the Queen with magic ( I got my witch side from dad) and Joseph was kicking her butt (literally at one point). We kept going at her until she was weak and breathing hard. "Mom,You can destroy the world,or you can actually do good for this kingdom."

The Queen thought about his words for a moment. Then,with a cackle she said: "No words can change my decision." She grabbed a vial filled with purple liquid and drank it with relish. Something strange happened. She seemed to enlarge.

Wait,sheisgetting bigger!I thought in terror. We watched in horror as the Queen grew bigger and bigger with every passing minute until she got so big it seemed like she would consume the universe. "How are we supposed to defeat her now?" I asked.

" I know a way." said Joseph. He seems to always have the answers, I thought.

"If you know a way, then tell us before we die!", yelled my worried Dad. He ran over and grabbed a sword from a statue of a knight. "It's a holy sword," he said.

"The only thing that can defeat her,." he added.

"Wait,you're a vampire,so why isn't it hurting you?" I asked.

" It only hurts people who have a rotten heart. In this case,my mother. I want you,Anastasia,to wield the sword."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you're better at combat than me. Also, I think the sword would do better In your hands," He answered. Then he gave me the sword.

Once it was in my hands, I ran towards the evil queen who ruined my life and caused this mayhem. I made a war cry. Then I raised the sword and sliced through her body.

When she was dying,she let out a demonic scream. Red blood oozed out. Her scepter fell,causing broken scarlet pieces to cover the floor.She fell into a pile,shrinking and bleeding at the same time,till she was nothing more than a pile of clothes.

We stared at her for a moment,disbelief spreading over us.Then we celebrated."THE QUEEN IS DEAD!" We all shouted. "THE QUEEN IS DEAD AT LAST!"

Then we laughed and started hugging. Just then,guards,knights,squires,and everyone who worked for the queen appeared." The queen is dead? For real?," they asked.

"Yes,the queen is dead," We answered.

After they heard that,they joined us in the celebration. We laughed and danced all the way to the school house,where we had a lovely banquet. It was the best day ever. Finally,everything was alright. Just then,Joseph kissed me.

Yes,everything is just right.

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