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The 5 friends plan to go to Bermuda triangle but they all died. Read this book to know how they faced problems and the mystery island.

Короткий рассказ Всех возростов. © No

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Короткий рассказ
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Written by Bhargav

India, 1 January 2022

Hello, I am Andry and I am a sailor . I wrote this book to tell a story of interpid 5 sailors. This is my

humble request, please read the whole story of these legends of the water .

21 February 2011 , Southampton,England Day 1

It was a bright and sunny day . Me and my friends thought to go to Bermuda triangle to have a look of it

. We thought it was speculative but we took a chance . At 9 am we reached Southampton, shipping port

( the port were titanic was left from ). I know you all are wondering what's their name ? , don't worry I'll

tell you . My first friend Micky , second Rony , third Suuny , fourth is Ash ; he is little blind and last is me .

As soon as we reached the port our cruise sailed towards us. We examined our luggage. We entered

the luxurious cruise . There were 53 rooms in the cruise . But you don't believe it was as big as a titanic .

So we called the cruise as Titanium. The cruise started moving towards Bermuda triangle. We all went

to examine all the rooms and all were glorious. The captain told that it takes 3 days to reach Bermuda

triangle. So this is our first day . We chose our own rooms to live and we took a nap . We all woke up at

5 : 30 PM to see the ravishing sun set . The sun took 15 minutes to set .

We all took a nice scenery of the ocean and could barely see the land . At night we had a grand party .

We all danced and sang . We had a great experience in the cruise.

Day 2

Today was a big day because it was my birthday , also the captain told we have to travel 1245 km to

reach Bermuda triangle. A delicious breakfast was served at morning . But at night when we were

sleeping a noise came from my balcony . I went and saw that we were crashed to an island but luckily

the cruise was in a fine shape.

Day 3

So now we thought the time will extend to reach Bermuda triangle. We went to see the island. The

captain took out the world map and searched for this island but he could not see this island anywhere.

It was strange . We changed our plan ; now instead of going to Bermuda triangle we will explore this

island and go to Bermuda triangle. As we were exploring we saw a strange thing . There was a sign . We

went near the sign and it was written as " danger , just leave the island . " We all were in a fix but we

made a mistake , we neglected the man's words .We went inside the island . We were in a fix to see the

island because the island was divided into 3 equal parts that is forest , desert , icy region. We thought

this island is a divination island. We thought we have to get out of this island . We went near Titanium

and all started pushing it . A horrible warning came from the captain . He told that a big wave about 100

meters is approaching from the opposite side of the cruise and he additionally told that the island will

be drowned in the water . Now we didn't had much time . We had to take out the cruise from the sand

but it was very hard to take out the cruise from the sand . We had no time for all that so we made a

plan . We grasped all the thing in the cruise such as cupboard, stand etc and threw them away . We

nudged the cruise and it started moving towards the ocean . We went in the cruise as quick as possible.

After 2 minutes we could see the giant wave from our cruise . The cruise started traveling to Bermuda

triangle but we were pursued by the big wave .

Day 4 , 1 : 45 am

It was late night . We were asleep . The cruise was shuddering. I went outside and saw there was

thunder everywhere. The water wave was so enormous and fast that our cruise swayed with the wave . I

didn't wake up anyone . I was scared but I went to my room and I slept with eyes wide open . The cruise

was wadding with water .When I woke up I went out to see what was happening . I saw all of my friends

including captain were standing outside my room. Rony asked me " I know you were awake in the night

and why didn't you wake anyone ? What would you do if all of us were dead ? . My mouth was slam. All

of them were incensed on me . I could not eat or sleep that day . I convinced them but they did not even

hear me out . This was the worst day ever .

Day 5

Today I didn't come out of room for the whole day and no one bothered what I was doing that day . I

spent the whole day in my room . I didn't eat or drink water . I had that fear that what will they do if I go

out . I hadn't swabbed my clothes and unfortunately my dresses were in a cupboard which we threw in

the island so their was a pirate dress in my room. I wore the dress. The captain came to my room and

told to eat some food . He bought some pork and some rice with it . While I was eating he told that we

will reach Bermuda triangle in 5 hours ( night 2 : 45 ) .

Day 6

Now it's just 12: 5 am , already massive waves were striking our cruise . All of us were awake . Our cruise

was trembling. The cruise was quilting with water . We were in the back end of the cruise but Ash was

near the helm . As he was impending towards us an enormous wave came and took him in the ocean.

The story of Ash consummate that day . Titanium was immersing like titanic. Their was 1 safety boat in

the cruise . As I sat on the boat a massive wave took me away out of the cruise but after 3 minutes the

whole cruise was inferior the water . I feel sorry because I didn't say even good bye to them. I passed

Bermuda triangle in 5 minutes with help of waves . I couldn’t sleep that day .

Day 7

I didn’t know what was the route so I took the instruction manual that was their in the life boat . I could

not understand it because the cruise was manufactured in Japan and the instruction manual also was in

Japanese language . I impelled the book in the water and also I could not imagine that it has been 1

week since we left Southampton . There was some food to eat and water to drink in the boat but the

amount of the food was so insufficient so I had to catch fishes.

Day 8

Now I feel so bored and lonely. I didn’t had any friends and work to do . I spent whole time in water .

I didn’t know how to fish but I managed and collected at least 5 to 6 fishes in a day .

Day 9

When I was eating my breakfast. I saw an aeroplane with its wings on fire . The aeroplane was heading

toward me so I took all my things food and water and jumped away of the boat .The aeroplane was

heading towards the boat . I swam as far as possible from my boat . After a few seconds the aeroplane

crashed on my boat and the fire was spreading all over the plane . I went inside the plane to see if

someone is alive . People were burnt into ashes. I had to find viable people before the plane would be

sank but I could not find any viable people . I went out of the plane and took a debris of the plane and

used it as a boat .

Day 10

I had no idea if I could survive in a debris of a plane . There was not even place to sleep . Luckily I saw an

island . I went in the island . Their was only apple trees in the forest . I went deep in the forest. I heard a

voice in the island . I quietly went were the sound was approaching from . When I went and saw they

were Americans with British costume. I was confused why were Americans wearing British dress ? I

went near them . When they saw me they put hand cuffs and made me sit on knees until George Dafer (

the king of the British Americans ) to come and see me . I was little afraid . As soon as he came to meet

me all the soldiers stood in a attention position . The servant bought the royal chair which was 2 meters

long and kept in front of me . The king was known as Enthorical . The enthorical sat in the chair and was

staring at me . He had a knife with him . After some time he started asking me questions. He asked “

who are you and what are you doing in this secret island ?” I was scared because the soldiers had aimed

guns on me . I told him that I am a sailor and I am lost in the ocean but he wanted proof so I took him to

my boat . He examined the boat and he declared me as not guilty. He also told me that you are near

India and he showed me the route to travel to India. I went in the direction were the enthorical had told

me and I found India . As soon as I reached their the fishermen’s saw me and took me to their house . I

spent the whole night in their house .

Day 11 ( last day )

Soon I left their house and started exploring the beauty of India . I was their in Kerala so I went to the

capital city of Kerala that is Thiruvananthapuram . I saw a strange thing our captain was still alive and he

was their in Kerala only . I asked him how are you alive. He said “ sorry ,I could not help your friends

and I took a debris of the cruise and sailed it towards India.”

11 years later

I can not believe I stayed in Kerala for 11 years with our captain . Now I am writing the book what you

are reading and it took 12 days to complete this book. Ok this is the end if you all like the book please

comment ‘ nice' . Till then bye .

The end

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