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Celestria and Draven are stuck on Earth as humans! But when long-dead lovers are animated back to life,it’s up to them to help the lovers get back to the grave. And their own love is at stake..

Фэнтези 13+.

#romance #paranormal #fantasy #love #magic #demon #witch #angel #adventure #inkspiredstory #Angelic
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Chapter One

Seventeen year old Celestria was walking in the cemetery,holding her boyfriend,Draven’s hand.

They weren’t born human.They were something more.

Celestria was an angel and Draven was a demon.They had fallen in love and the world was against that,So they were stripped of their powers and sent to Earth as humans.

It didn’t bother them that much,but sometimes it got them upset.

As they were walking together in the cemetery,they stopped at a grave.

It appeared there were two people in one coffin.The grave said:

Here lies Marcia Blythe and Rush.

Marcia Blythe.

Born2001,Sat,Aprileleventh-Died 2017,Mon,January third.


Born unknown-Died unknown.

They loved each other dearly.

Too bad their love couldn’t save them.

Celestria stared at them.

“Will that be us? Will we die out of love?” Celstria asked.

“No,of course not.” Draven said,pulling her close.

As they were walking in the graveyard,Celestria turned her head to look at the two lovers.

“I wonder why they don’t have any information on Rush other than his first name..” Celestria whispered to herself.

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Celestria (angel):

Draven (demon):

Celestria (human):

Draven (human):

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