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One Wish

Imagine, while walking down the street, you hear someone calling your name. You turn around smiling, ready to wave at the person who called out to you. You assume you know them, but when you turn around you don't see anyone familiar. Confused, you decide to turn around and keep walking.

Someone calls your name again. You turn around once again to see who had called you. Yet again you see no one familiar and continue to walk.

Once again someone calls your name. You get a little agitated and turn around. "Who's calling my name?" You yell out.

Something tugs at your pant leg. You jump and see a little girl waving at you.

You feel a wave of emotions- confusion, fear, and nervousness- sink into you. You keep your distance but ask how the girl knows you.

"Follow me" she tells you with an adult like voice, ignoring your question, walking forward, grabbing your hand, and leading you to an alley close by.

You watched too much television to know this wasn't going to end well. But you follow anyways- like every classic main character from a horror movie.

The alley is small, narrow, and has a single opening- the way you came in. The girl continues to lead you into the alleyway till you come to the end, it's blocked off by a wall.

The little girl, facing the wall, turns around to face your direction. You feel scared but don't show it or run. You stay- feet planted on the ground.

"One wish" the girl says, putting one finger up infront of your face to emphasis the number one.

"What?" You say. Your confused, a wish? Who was this girl? How did she know your name? Must be a dream, you thought to yourself.

"Sorry, my apologies, I didn't introduce myself. You can call me... your genie! You have one wish. You can wish anything realistic. Like money, or a home, new clothes, lower gas prices, and maybe even world peace. However you cannot wish for a decease living thing to come back alive. I can't make someone fall in love with you. I cannot harm any living thing in any way, shape, or form. Lastly, no asking for more wishes or anything unrealistic," the little girl states.

"Is this some type of joke?" You say, starting to slowly back away.

"No this is real, if you don't want to use the wish then that's fine with me. You can leave if you want or you can stay here and make your wish. But make it quick." She said leaning her back against the wall, folding her arms around her chest.

This has to be a joke, you think in your head.But will you go along with it or leave?

  • You chosen to leave?Then you declined the wish from the girl and turn around to walk out of the alley towards the pedestrian walkway. You walk quickly trying to get some distance from the strange girl. She doesn't try to stop you. You don't tell anyone what you encountered. To you, this was a prank. Nothing more than just a prank.
You chosen to go along?Then you tell the little girl, "I choose to make a wish. I need a minute to think though."

You can't believe you're doing this. But what's the worse thing that could happen?

"Sure, make sure it's realistic and follows the rules!" The little genie said with a huge grin on her face. It was unsettling to you.

"What's the definition of realistic then. Genies aren't realistic" You say bluntly.

"They are too!" The little girl said stomping her foot on the cement. You are convinced she isn't a genie and is playing some sort of game.

You start to remember those days when you were little, dreaming and believing certain things were real when they weren't. Sometimes you still have your days when you question those things, again.

"So unicorns, mermaids, and vampires... Their all real?" You say raising your eyebrows, questioningly. You can't believe you're doing this. Talking to a little girl about genies and unicorns. What must people think of this?

"Of course they aren't, don't be silly," she says laughing so hard and obnoxiously; she was smacking her hands on her legs.

Yeah you're the one being silly, you think in head.

Have you thought of your wish?

"Fine, I thought of my wish," you say in annoyance.

"I'm granting you a wish, you should be more happy," the little girl tells you, while holding both of her hands out infront of her to emphasize how dramatic she was.

"I wish that I...."

You tell her your wish.

"Your wish is granted! My job has been fulfilled and now you can leave. You'll see your wish tomorrow morning sharp," the little girl said.

You turn around to head off, but something stops you.

"Wait what?" You say, turning around to face the girl, but the girl is gone. You look at the spot, where she previously stood at, it was now empty.

Do you go straight home or search the alley for the girl?

  • You chose to search the alley first?You call out for her, she doesn't answer. You walk around, searching for her. You searched the garbage bins and corners in the alley, but found nothing. You believe you were just seeing things and walkout the alleyway.
You go straight home?You make it out of the alleyway, thinking about the weird experience you just encountered. You start walking towards your house. In your head, you think, "Should I go straight home? Or will the kid somehow follow you."Do you really feel safe walking home?


The next morning..

After a long night tossing and turning, you wake up to the sun's light making its way across your room. You get up even though your eyes haven't fully focused on your surroundings. You trip over something you left laying around and fall on to the floor.

You lay there, too tired to get up. Minutes past by and you come to the realization that something isn't right. You get up and look into the mirror. You become speechless.

Your wish came true.

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