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Fresh from her complicated last year at high school which involved falling for her teacher and then getting caught, Lucy has to jump straight into university life, whilst still juggling her relationship with said teacher, well ex-teacher now. At least she has Will, her best friend, to help her navigate this whole new world of lectures, student housing and study, right? Wrong! Will isn't exactly speaking to Lucy and with her other best friends Kayla and Lauren, who happens to be dating Will, away in London at Fashion College, her only hope is to reconcile with him. But what if doing just that, throws a new spanner in the works, not just for Lucy, but for everyone else in her life too, by revisiting a secret that two best friends swore they would never talk about for the rest of their lives? Can Lucy have a stress-free start to her first year at university or was her high school experience only just the beginning of a problematic life for her in the world of friendship and relationships?

Романтика Молодой взрослый романс 18+.

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Prologue - How Did We End Up Here?

Present Day

Lucy closes her eyes as Will's lips trail the length of her body, flashbacks of one night burned into her memory resurfacing, playing in real time with his present actions. Her body jerks every now and then as she holds back moans she has no control over, supressing the first time they found themselves in this situation which surprises her when every touch from him is a hundred times more intense than it was two years ago. This Will knows what he is doing so much more than the sixteen-year-old she knew back then – how she manages to keep quiet while he works his magic on her is beyond her knowledge.

She lets out slow, deep breaths, as he moves further down her body; closer to her most sensitive area, determined to keep herself in check despite the privacy of her room, knowing that she does not need to be the centre of attention here like she eventually was last year at Hillcombe. The last thing she needs is people talking about the girl who was clearly having a good seeing to the night before.

Her body raises slightly at his touch, sending goosebumps all the way down her body, as he works his mouth over every inch of her. Her mind tells her to find something somewhere in her mind that makes this all seem incredibly weird, that he shouldn't be allowed to be this intimate with her again but there's a bigger part of her that feels like this was always going to happen at some point and that despite every reason for it being totally wrong, it feels too right to stop now.

She squeezes her eyes tight as he nears her most vulnerable area, taking his time to run his lips across the bottom of her stomach while his hands hold her sides firmly just underneath her exposed breasts. Her neck arches as his low breathing hits her inner thigh and she's not sure she is ready for the inevitable moment he presses his face into her.

Please tell me this whole date night turned porno, is just another one of my very vivid, dirty dreams I had over the summer about this moment. I mean surely there's no way he is actually this kind of guy. He really doesn't seem the type to be so down for anything in the bedroom, yet here we are. He is no longer the innocent guy I've always known – I will never be able to look at him the same way again after tonight. Not that I could anyway – it's not like we haven't had sex before – but this is just a whole other level in our stepping over that line and I don't know how much more I can handle.

Lucy focuses on the thoughts running through her mind as she tries to look past the fact that she may very well come before he has even remotely violated her in ways she could never imagine him doing before today.

Except I could if I hadn't pushed that to the back of mind all this time. She tries to mentally shakes the one memory from her head she vowed to never remember for the rest of time, but knows that after tonight it will be hanging there until someone acknowledges the elephant in the room.

We are seriously gonna have to have a talk after tonight. There's no way we can engage in this and believe we will never have to revisit that time in our lives. The moment only we know about – sooner or later we will have to face the memory of it completely. We will have to discuss it properly and all the secrets we kept back from that moment.

"Will!" Lucy breathes out his name involuntarily as he teases at her with his tongue, trying to reach down to feel some part of him in her hands even if it's just a shoulder. Something to tell her he is actually there and she isn't having the most vivid dream of all time.

Will ignores her breathy outbursts and continues working on her body – a moment he was never convinced he would ever get to live again. He had always been firmly set on having to live with that one and only memory of this moment, but knowing he gets to do it all over again and can now make her react like this makes him even more determined to do this right. A small smile plays on his lips as she lightly bucks against him while quietly moaning.

He lifts his head to look at her face from under the quilt covering them for the most part, almost looking like she is sleeping, but he knows that is the face of her trying to keep her composure so she doesn't make it obvious to the whole student body that she is currently being taken to heaven and back in one night.

He trails his lips back up her body, slower than before, revelling in her whispered cursing knowing that she is finding it increasingly difficult to not just tell him to get on with it and fuck her dry.

"Lu?" He whispers her name in each ear, waiting for her to respond in some way even if it's just to pull him closer to her. He removes a strand of her hair from her face and lightly kisses her on the neck before brushing her lips with his, waiting for her to reciprocate in some way.

Lucy opens her eyes to his amused ones above her. "Kiss me properly, you wimp!" She pulls his head closer to her and presses her lips to his hard, not wasting a second before forcing his mouth open with her tongue.

She moans into his mouth, now not one bit bothered who can hear them as the feel of every inch of him pressed into every inch of her makes her more needy than she has ever felt around anyone. No matter what he is going to satisfy her needs in any and every way possible.

She holds his face tight, keeping him in place as she dares lift a leg pulling the quilt down a little as she wraps it around his back, waiting for him to get on with the final phase of their night together.

Will pries her hands from his face and laces his fingers with hers, wrenching them back above her head, his new-found strength easily holding her in place as he finally gives in to her silent demands.


Lucy shuffles over as much as her body will let her as Will tries to settle beside her, their breathing not quite yet back to normal. She stretches her legs out, feeling the ache in the backs of her knees at being bent up for so long. How did I forget he could last that long? Whoever ends up marrying him has no idea what she is missing out on.

She rolls her head to look at him and smiles, despite every warning in her body telling her yet again that what they just did is far from okay. She finds the strength to flip onto her side, giving him more room to lay on his back. She leans on one elbow and places a hand on his chest, jolting him back to life.

"Thought we weren't doing sleepovers, Mister."

Will smiles. "Maybe I thought we could have one night off from the rules." He rolls his head to look at her properly. "Who says we can't break our pact once in a while?"

Lucy sighs and rests her head on his chest. "Maybe we should."

Will leans his head on hers and holds her close, not entirely sure what he is supposed to say to that because of course she is right. Of course, they shouldn't be doing this for two very important reasons – one of them being in London right now with no idea what he has been up to the last couple of weeks.

He rubs his face with one hand and stares at the ceiling knowing the sensible thing to do would be to get dressed and leave, and never come back. He avoids looking back down at Lucy knowing she will read him like a book ad try and get him to open up about his thoughts – something she knows full well he could never hide from her.

"Should we..." He trails off, not sure he should even finish that sentence.

"What?" Lucy forces him to look her in the eye. "Should we what? End this?"

He sees the sadness in her eyes at the prospect and feels that same stab of pain in his chest. Of course, we fucking should! We've let this happen way too many times, even the first time was one too many. He stares at her wishing he could be the bigger person and let those thoughts known when they are true, but he can't bring himself to be the one to break her heart like that.

"No - yes – I just – I don't know. Maybe." He looks away, not needing to see the look on her face.

Lucy rolls over on top of him, her naked body on his getting his attention straight away. "Seems you don't really want to end this." She whispers, a smile playing on her lips as part of him presses into her stomach.

Will feels a smile form on his face, followed by a slight laugh. "Down boy!" He briefly looks down before meeting her eye again a wider smile on both their faces. He smooths down her hair a few times, keeping his eyes locked with hers. "How did we end up here?"

Lucy lays down on him more and rests her hands on his chest, using them as a support for her chin. "I think there was a party; there was definitely some kind of alcohol and if I remember rightly an unresolved issue."

"Sounds about right." He nods. "I guess we were kinda doomed the moment you first kissed me," He raises an eyebrow, "again."

Lucy swipes at him. "Thought we weren't mentioning that ever again."

"Oh right, of course, because that's so much worse than what we have been doing these last two weeks."

"Shut up!" She smiles lightly through her outburst, sighing again. "Are we just the worst people ever?" She rolls off him and lies on her side again.

Will averts his gaze upwards away from her squashed cleavage and pushes her onto her back. He shakes his head and give her a small smile. "No." He leans down and gently holds his lips against hers. "We are just two people finding out what it would be like if we finally admitted the truth to each other."

"And what's that truth?" Lucy looks at him hopefully, needing to hear those three words.

"You already know."

Lucy nods. "I know and you know." She reaches up to stroke his face. "But, I need to hear you say it." Her eyes plead with him to say those words to her, words he has wanted to say for the last two years, but somehow now doesn't feel like the right time nor place.

"All in good time, babe." He leans down and muffles her protests with a lingering kiss, hoping to distract her long enough that they can fall asleep in each other's arms before she has the opportunity to ask him again to say it out loud instead of just in his head.

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