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With a quiet wind, I walk through the yellow leaves. A faint rustling sound. The faint but still noticeable rustle of leaves underfoot. With my hands, I clutch the light, weightless fabric of my dress. It, like weightless fairy silk, ripples gently in the rhythm of my steps. My movements are elegant, enchanting... like a magical autumnal fairy tale.

- Are you here again? - The rustling wind asks, touching my hair fondly.

- Where have you been, for so long? - The stream murmured, gleaming in the setting sun.

- Have you brought gifts? - The birds chirped, circling high in the sky,

I glided like a mirage through the trees to the center of the forest. Where its heart lies. My lips opened, and my voice came out, like a nightingale's trill.

- To this forest I present heavenly silk as a gift, and the singing of stars on a midsummer night.

- We accept the gift, O queen of the night, and from now on we will sing your praises. - The tall grass underfoot whispered.

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VT Voron Tenej
Short and incomprehensible. It could have been written more clearly and interestingly. But still I liked it.


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