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One little lie from a friend. Several unexpected events. Steamy nights. Learning the truth. Relationship status: It's complicated!

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Eye contact

Alyssa Tanakovich checked her Submariner Rolex watch for the third time in under a minute as least conspicuously as she could in order to catch another closer look at the gorgeous man sitting at a table diagonally across from her inside the Kingston Arms. She’d noticed him already when he’d walked in and so far, she thought she’d been successful in having remained undetected, but by God, how was it possible that such perfect men could have been created?

To begin with, his height had been the first thing that had attracted her to him. His blond hair hadn’t really appealed to her, but when the man, almost two meters tall she’d guessed, had begun to walk towards her, not only Alyssa’s head had turned. He’d strode in with a natural elegance that had commanded her attention and as she’d wandered with her eyes up his body, from his elegant dark shoes, up his tight-fitting dark jeans, the aquamarine shirt that had been folded partly up to his elbows and that had been opened at the neck, Alyssa’s interest had been piqued.

But the best part of him had been his face. He had a striking jawline and high cheekbones. His dark blond hair, which was neatly combed away from his face, showed off his strikingly handsome features all the more. But it was only now that he had sat down, facing in her direction, that Alyssa believed to have finally seen that he had blue eyes.

He was looking towards the door of the Kingston Arms and she used the opportunity to admire him a little longer than she should have. With a quiet sigh, she leaned her chin against her left hand and simply stared at him, wondering why she felt so depressed.

She wasn’t dumb enough to believe that he’d come into the pub to meet up with a guy. It was obvious that the handsome man was waiting for his lover – girlfriend, wife, whatever. In any case, another female. No doubt she was as gorgeous as he was. Alyssa scowled slightly, but then shook her head at her own pointless jealousy.

Could she blame him? Men like that always had women buzzing around them like flies. He was handsome, his clothes spoke money, even though the watch on his wrist wasn’t from any of the expensive types Alyssa was accustomed to from her father, older brother or cousins. And as he slowly began to turn his face around so that his alluring profile gave way to his even more appealing face, Alyssa hastily glanced down at the menu page she had been pretending to be studying for over ten minutes.

Where the hell was Lena, anyway?!

Pursing her lips, Alyssa threw her hands up when she felt her cellphone vibrate. Reaching for it, she pulled it out her handbag and sliding the screen sideways, sighed when she saw that it wasn’t Lena, but her brother Neil. Answering the phone, she grinned at the chair opposite her. “Hello, brother dear.”

“Hello, sister dear,” Neil Tanakovich’s amused voice sounded in her ear and Alyssa’s smile widened even more. “I’m bored stiff, so I was hoping you might be up to entertaining me with some disgusting stories from your latest apprenticeships at the hospital. Got any delicious stories of eyeballs that need to be pushed back into their eye sockets or something similar?”

Alyssa spluttered, holding up her left hand to cover her face and unknowingly making the light from overhead catch on her watch to make it flash. “Neil, that never happened.”

“Well, it ought to have by now. How come the stories you tell don’t sound anything like in Scrubs?!” he complained.

She arched an elegantly manicured eyebrow. “And in which season did an eyeball exactly have to be returned to an eye-socket?” she wondered, her eyes sliding sideways towards the handsome man, only to find that he was looking at her. Alyssa flushed scarlet and hastily looked away, missing what her brother had said. “So, how are things back home in LA?” she asked instead, wishing the heat on her face weren’t so extreme. When she stealthily glanced back, she saw that the handsome guy was still looking at her with slightly twitching lips. Flushing even more, Alyssa sent him a weak smile and then forced herself to look away.

Aw, man! How embarrassing. But now that he’d looked right at her, she’d seen that he was older than she’d at first thought. He had to be at least in his late twenties. Too old for her, anyway…as if she’d ever had a chance with him in the first place. Trying harder to tune back into what her brother was saying, Alyssa played with the menu in front of her absentmindedly.

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