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My love and yesterday

Yesterday I was a different man,

I left myself in yesterday,

Where we were still together,

I loved her yesterday,

Yesterday my passion filled,

We were happy together yesterday.

Yesterday I opened up the door,

To find,

She was mine no more,

my life seemed perfect yesterday,

But tomorrow is now empty and gone.

Only yesterday dose my love live,

Only yesterday does hope Exist,

Only Yesterday did I look forward to today,

But today I only look forward to yesterday.

Why she left I never knew,

She did not say or do,

She was there 2 days ago,

But yesterday she flew.

Oh please can you see yesterday,

Do you see the love I had for her yesterday,

oh please won’t yesterday come back,

Won't she return to stay,

Can you please tell me tomorrow is yesterday.

I live today as yesterday,

Yesterday not today,

Tomorrow is so far away,

But yesterday is here to stay.

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