Sihle Kunene

It's about a young girl falling in love in High School with this young man. Their lover conquering every obstacle in their journey. Having each other's back at all times . Loving each other with all their being.

Любовные романы Молодой взрослый романс Всех возростов.
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The Beginning..

In 2015 it was the beginning of our high school life. We were both in same class . Having different response to our first year . Him having a splendid year because of his character. Me finding it hard to make friends . Not to say I didn't like friends ,the introvert me got in the way.

He had this bubbly personality . I've never seen him angry or mad. I don't know how am writing this . I thought I didn't pay attention to his personality but here I am.

Me on the other side I was being this quiet girl . Not to forget my beauty I can't. The year wasn't more focused on us but it was the beginning of our love...

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