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The air felt thick and dry all night, as if the ac was too warm. Morning beamed through the window, kissing Shine’s face ever so gently. Wasting no time, the tabby rose up, and walked about the rim of the bed to the other end. A separate figure slept peacefully, yet this was no excuse for Shine, for Mr Scottish fold pressed his paw on the face of his owner. Slowly two eyes opened, blue irises greeted him, their luster seemingly empty. “Good morning dear Shine, did sleep find you easy?” A small hand gently grazed the cat, Shine nuzzled again it, purrs escaped his body in response.

Up went Cha Shiloh, Shine’s current owner and food supply. Cha turned his head to the empty side of his bed, almost instinctively placing his palm where a slightly long body impression lay. He moved his hand back quite quickly, trying not to let thoughts cloud his mind, not this early in the morning. Shine was getting impatient, and moved out into the next room, Cha followed without much persuasion.

The kitchen was barren, only silent appliances rested about, the wooden floors were well worn from constant shoe armored footsteps moving all about. Scents of dried out fruits and long expired coffee wafted in limited space, leaving the air musty and stale. The mute room was not very inviting in their eyes. Silence was suffocating to Cha, there was no one to greet him no matter how cold, no muted words of contempt, no one but him and his cat. A certain blue feel loomed in the air, one usually tripped over by Cha’s warm orange aura. But his bright attitude wasn’t there, just the left over aroma of salty tears and snotty tissues on the table. As if running, Cha rushed forward and pressed the radio on, he could no longer bear it. Once tuned to a station of his preference, Cha let it do its own thing, turning back to the coffee maker with reluctance. Brewing alone felt like a chore, moments turned to minutes, but he kept pouring the coffee powder. It wasn’t until a familiar tune hit his ears did Cha realize his error. Blushing profusely, the young man went to cleaning up the excess dust. The scholar looked back at the radio longingly, recalling where he last heard it. It was a song of his college years, back when he was a freshmen new in his major. This particular ditty was his go to when he felt hard and anxious about an upcoming test or during his constant rejections in the romantic affairs. Each note pounded in his ears hard, consuming Cha in the moment. So much so he didn’t even realize his hands had brewed both coffee and tea during the trance. Turning to the radio, he envisioned a man of a stout posture, looking grumpily towards the electronic. It’s loud rhythm seemed to annoy his companion quite a bit, but the figure didn’t move or even attempt to turn it, he just stared out the window. Cha smiled warmly to the man and walked forward, “Kaffi! I have made you some tea! Drink it as you please!” He placed the mugs down swiftly, knowing his surroundings without a need to see. When Cha opened his eyes however, only Shine was there, staring intently at him. The figure from prior was nowhere to be seen, no matter how hard Cha surveyed the area. A sudden realization swept over Cha, leaving him on his knees with a crippling sensation. His lips turned upward in a smile, but his eyes couldn’t fool anyone, they pooled like waterfalls. “T-that’s right…” Tears didn’t cease, their temperature increased, he couldn’t control himself at this point. Cries rushed from his mouth with no mind to their origin, nearly overtaking the surrounding sounds of music. How could he forget the night it happened, the phone call of the emotionless man bearing the news, his reaction of shock and unsure dread taking lucid shape in unimaginable ways. Just then the song played a similar set of notes, the transition point. The shift stabled his mind, allowing Cha a few moments to compose himself. The man used his hand to pull back the loose hair perching over his eyes, the grin was left, but it held no emotion, just transparent thoughts. Hot tear remnants rested on his cheeks, his glasses were dogged up from his breathy wails, and he quietly realized to himself a saddened epiphany, “I remember now. He passed away, how funny to think I forgot! Right Shine?” He turned his gaze to Shine all happy like, as if feigning away his grief. The cat remained static, just merely watched Cha as he stood up and just fell into his dining chair. His owner gripped his coffee mug firmly, “What a funny mistake! But I suppose this coffee helps me forget it on the day to day…”

Cha picked up his mug as if in triumph, and used his other to raise his departed lover’s tea cup. Just when the song’s end arrived, he clanged them together in a tranquil toast. He smiled to the cups somberly, looking at nothing, “Sayonara Kaffi…"

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