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My 1st actual novel. Please check out my prior work #The SpellBorn. It is a poetic story/Trilogy I wrote. You can find it here. I will be releasing a new chapter every week! The novel is probably half way done. Please, if you enjoy the read, give me some feedback and support my work. I would really appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours. ☝️❤️

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Skepticism and Fate

Chapter 1.

Do you believe inmonsters? I do!

I never really gave it much

thought when I was younger.

Not being superstitious or having

an over excited imagination, I wasa pretty sceptical audience to any one who wanted to convince me of aliens, gods, ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

I lived a pretty normal life so far,

that is, until the housing crisis hit

and rents went up, forcing many

people to move from our modest

city by the bay.

I'm 35 now, and have been in

the process of readjusting to my

new surroundings, a little town

called, Polyandrion.

I thought it was an interesting

name, but still have no idea whatit means.

The only reason I moved to this

little town of 13,000 people, is

because of the ad I answered in

a regional paper I picked up for

packing glass and breakables.

I didn't see the irony of the ad,

because, again, I don't believe in

luck and I do not entertain flukes.

I believe for every action, there is areaction. A cause and an effect.

Chance is for feeble minds.

We are in control.

The ad was in a paper that wasmore than a month old, and part of a thick Sunday Issue. Moreover, I had picked up several stacks of paper.

The irony, is that, number one, it

caught my eye. Number two, it appliedto me, and number three, it was the only ad that did out of all the papers I picked up.

It was too perfect! I should have knownsomething was wrong. My skepticism failed me. I guess I wanted it too much.

I needed it. It was like a life rope thrownto me, when all was lost.

I mailed in my application for theCounty Internal Auditor, including all my credentials and my Bachelor's degree in Business and Accounting.

Within a week, I received a letter fromthe County Clerks office happily accepting my application, and requesting my expertise as soon as possible.

I mailed back my confirmation, with mymove out date, and an estimation regarding time of arrival, with my cell phone number.

I had a 1989 XJS Chocolate, marooncolored Jaguar that I used as a trade in for a Ford Explorer XLT with 36,000

Miles on it.

The Jag was in really good shape, soI only paid the difference of about $6,000.00 dollars, on top of the fact that the rep at the dealership really wanted my car.

The move went off without a hitch,and everything I wanted to take, fit perfectly into the little U-Haul trailer I rented.

The Ford drove smooth as silk, with no problems and I only

had to stop four times for gas.

1800 miles later, I pulled up to thethe apartment complex that consisted of 13 units, including the Manager's Office, where I signed a lease for six months just prior to my move.

There weren't many places for rentin the same town that I'd be working, and I felt fortunate to find this cozy one bedroom, full kitchen, full bath, with patio for the measly $600.00 dollars a month they were asking.

Utilities include trash and water, soall I have to pay for is power and gas, which shouldn't exceed another one hundred, fifty dollars. Add cable and phone, gas and insurance, food and everyday living expenses, I am only gonna be paying about $1400.00 a month, where as, in the city I paid almost $2200.00.

On top of that, I will be making overfive dollars an hour more, than my old job for a private accounting firm.

I saw my parking slot, Unit #6, andparked my now dusty Ford Explorer.

Stepping out and stretching my

tense muscles, A middle aged, not

so friendly red haired woman in atired, dull looking red and black plaid sweater and worn out denim jeans, came out of her unit to greet me.

She looked sad and bored at the sametime, and I wanted to get the formalities done with her as quick as possible.

I stepped into the dusky, dimly lit,office and almost choked on the stale, intrusive, lingering cigarette smoke that permeated the air and everything around


With teary eyes, I signed the rest of thepaper work, got the key code for the laundry room and pool, got my door key, and left with a disguised desperation to get away as fast as I could.

Stepping back outside was like divinginto a fresh pool of water, as the light breeze blew the remnants of stench off my windbreaker.

The apartment was quant, but bigenough for the little possessions I have aquired in my life. I'm not really a needy man. I like a few creature

comforts... My Scotch, My Cherry

tobacco with my pipe, my telescope, agood thick steak once in a while, and my collection of Classical music that I listen

to while I'm crunching numbers.

I never was exceptional at anything...

except for math. I flew through Algebra,Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculous, and Advanced Algebra in school, while achieveing B's in all my other courses.

I didn't know what I wanted to be, sowhen a high school buddy told me of the accounting firm he worked at, and that they needed a brainiac like me, I submitted my first application.

I was hired immediately, and since then, have had a half a dozen accounting jobs.

During the course of my employment, Imanaged to earn my Bachelor's degree in Business and Accounting after 4 years

of study. I am really good!

I opened up the windows and turned the lightson all over the apartment, and started

unloading my possessions. Within a fewhours, I was unloaded, half way arranged,

and sitting on my recliner chair, sippinga scotch on the rocks and smoking a nice fresh bowl of cherry tobacco.

I picked up my cell phone to ordersomething for dinner, but my phone wasn't receiving any service.

I thought to myself, that's odd, I justpayed the monthly bill before I left, and I've never had any problems in the

several years as a customer with mycarrier.

I started to dial the 6-1-1 that wouldget me to the carrier, when there was a tap on the glass from the patio door.

I turned to see a young looking guy,maybe twenty-two, looking in at me with a strange but comical grin on his face.

His scruffy week old stubble, combinedwith his wild young eyes, told me right away, he was not to be taken seriously.

I opened the patio door, and he

immediately said, ' Hi. I'm Ted. Welcometo the neighborhood. Have you seen my cat'?

I shook my head, no. He shrugged, andlet out a defeated, 'Oh. Well, if you do, I'm

in unit #11.

His name is Garfield, because

he's a big fat tabby cat!'

I nodded my head, and said, 'O.k'.

He turned to leave, and as he was almostaround the corner he said, 'See you later'!

I went back to the kitchen counterwhere I left my phone, and it wasn't there. I swore, I left it right there on the counter,

when I was startled by the unexpectedvisit from my new neighbor.

I looked all over the kitchen. I went backto my chair, where my Scotch was waiting for me, the glass sweating from the

difference in temperature between theice cold Scotch and the warm summer air.

My trusty Sherlock Holmes style tobaccopipe laying listless beside it.

I searched the room, the bathroom, mysuitcases that I opened. I even went out to the Ford. No phone!

With my empty stomach growling, Ilocked up the apartment, having given up

on my search for my cell phone, and gotinto the Ford for a little trip to town for some food.

I only had one glass of Scotch and

wasn't feeling the effects of the alcoholyet, and I figured, the phone would show up, as things that get misplaced, always

do. I still for the life of me can't figure outwhat I could have done with it. I thought I put it on the kitchen counter just before

opening the patio door.

Brushing those thoughts aside, I saw alittle burger joint, and pulled into the dusty gravel parking lot that was halffull of vehicles.

Must be pretty good!

A New Chapter Every Monday!

Chapter 2 coming soon. ☝️❤️

Ch.1 posted -

Mon. May 9th. 2022

Written by: Michael W. Taylor 2021 ©

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