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Inspirational Poem to inspire and lift up. Never give up! Everyday is new, but YOU must change with the day. Look toward your hindsight and focus on a brighter future. - Shalom. - Blessings. 🙏

Поезия эпический Всех возростов. © Michael W. Taylor 2022 ©

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Love & Inspiration For You. 🥰

Sadness prevails...

A final stab right in the heart.

Now a broken shell of what

has fallen apart.

Where do I start?

No, this ain't about myself.

This is about all those that

have put hope on a shelf.

Of course it effects me.

We are all part of the same


I have empathy and sympathy.

But don't expect it from


What happens to one can be

felt by all.

How dare you think that you're

alone, when all of us fall.

Make the call...

We're not just pigs in a stall.

After all...

You're names already on the wall.

You were born a champion,

You just need to look inside

and see.

No one else can make you man,

you break because you lack

the will to succeed.

You gotta know it starts with you!

No one truly controls ya.

You just got to be determined,

now buck up little soldier!

You have such fire and beauty within,

if only you would see it.

You have a gift, and a talent within,

and no one else could be it.

Embrace it, it is you.

Stay true in what you do

and the yin and yang of life

will always sustain.

You must face what's in view,

Each day is anew, It's a clue,

You don't have to continue be

stuck in the rain.

- M.T. Much Love to those that

Would accept it. ☝️❤️

April 28th. 2022 ©

[Photography by: Michael W. Taylor 2020 Las Cruces, N.M.

*If Interested, contact me @

[email protected]]

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