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Jayden, after being told that he was born with strange magical powers is sent far away from humans. Somewhere no one would ever think of going to. So he lives with his parents and he's taught to protect himself and learn how to use his skills. But he later defiles the law behind his power, which is not to harm anyone with it. Now dark enchanters and mythical beasts are unleashed to kill anyone who bears the symbol before they cause more harm. Find out about how Jayden survives with his other friends in this world where everyone is literally coming for them

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Character Build up: Jaden Hayes

Unknown Female Voice: Long ago, there were 4 mysterious Morelli power symbols which were gifted to humans by the gods and shared among 4 distinct families to be spread across Ethereal. Each symbol had a specific power it possesed.The fire seal, earth seal, thunder and storm seal as well as the wind seal. These families inherited the symbols to their children to manifest and master them. And once given the symbol, never should you harm any person. It must only be used for good and good alone. Once a life is harmed by the power of the symbol, dark enchanters and mythical beasts will be unleashed to kill the symbol bearers. This is the life they live... and this is how it all started

(Eerie winds blowing💨)

My name is Jayden Hayes🙂.... and I was told I was born with strange magical powers😏. So my parents had to hide me from everyone because they feared I'd be killed😹when the others found out about my real identity or self🤦. So they sent me far from my humanity, somewhere no one could ever think of😌, the Eclipt woods. Known for being the home of all dark souls👻and trapped ghosts👹as well as hungry wolves🐺, a place no one would like to pay a visit. My father became a hunter🧔 and my mother....well she was just home taking care of me🤷. I had this strange seal sign on my arm🤨, and they told me it was the source of my power. My father trained and taught me how to fight and defend myself🧘..right I also learnt how to use my skills to help others because that's what my parents told me to do always.....

I had never experienced living with many people so I became used to it. Although it was nice, until.... I became the cause of all this🥺

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