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A particularly dark tale. Not for the faint of heart. He was the all-powerful Magistrate Mathis. The man that accused the witches and then found them guilty in the dungeons of WitchFall Fortress. I had feared ever being one of them, but not enough not to be determined to figure out why he didn't seem to be what he was. So I followed him into the woods one day and discovered the one secret he was willing to wreak havoc to keep. The secret he'd make me pay for ever knowing. And if he couldn't have me on my terms, well he was certainly powerful enough to find a way, wasn't he? The most horrible kind of way... Barely understanding what was happening I soon found myself in the worst place I could possibly be. And under his complete control...

Эротика 18+.

#forced #witch #warlock #demon #sex #slave #dungeon #prisoner #captive #kidnap #dark #fantasy #witchhunt #magic #fey #bondage #chained
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This is a particularly dark erotica with horror elements.

Please read with caution.


A wave of power coursed over me and I suddenly wanted to curl into a ball. His fury was like being caught in a whirlwind.

I felt like I couldn't breathe. He shoved me back against a tree and caught my chin.

"You think you're a clever girl but let me be very clear. You open this pretty mouth of yours..." He trailed a thumb roughly over my lips. Dragging over the bottom one. "Not only will I have you thrown in WitchFall, but everyone you care about."

My eyes narrowed on him. "Are you threatening me?"

"You've no idea." He scoffed. "The things I'd do to one as pretty as you, would give you nightmares."

"I know what you are! I'll tell everyone!"

He ripped the neckline of my dress completely on the right side. Baring my entire breast and part of my ribcage. His callused hand scooped the weight of it. Molding it against me as he felt its shape. His thumb running across the pink nipple sent vibrations pulsing through me.

He was rolling his hips against my thigh methodically. In a way I knew mimicked what he'd do if he could get inside me.

I can't let him. I thought determinedly.

"It matters little if you think you'll let me or not." He said dryly. Leaning so close to my lips that he spoke nearly against them. "I always get what I want eventually. Always."

Then he pressed his lips to mine in a light kiss.

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