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I don't think I can give a concrete description, there are several stories divided into parts, as you read them they complement each other along with the previous narratives. At first, those were just stories that I simply wrote down, but I wanted to develop them in a better way, what I am currently doing is more like an experiment, I want to see how it goes to continue.

Мемуары Всех возростов.

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I'm fine, really

—I just need a little space, that's all —you could tell she was shaking.

—I don't think you're okay, I can help — he tried to get closer.

—How many times do I have to repeat myself? You don't know me; I understand what I'm feeling and I just need you to step away —she moved out of his reach.

—I'm not going to walk away until I confirm that nothing bad is happening, I have friends who have been through the same situation.

—What the hell, why do you have to compare me to your damn friends?

—Okay, I'll leave it this way, the police are on their way and I'm sure the paramedics will be able to help.

—Yeah, whatever

In situations where every kind of reaction is valid, even if people have similar reactions, it doesn't mean it affects them in the same way. Rhyma had that difficulty, any situation no matter how small it was always affected her in the worst way, like now. Who wouldn't react the same way? A robbery that almost turned into a homicide attempt, luckily, she knew how to defend herself, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to tell her story.

—Why aren't you leaving? —she asked, still trying to catch her breath.

—I told you, I'm waiting for the paramedics and stop talking, concentrate on breathing.

—Damn it —she sat up, placing both hands on her nose.

—What are you doing?

Without answering Rhyma continued, she was trying to calm herself by breathing like that, concentrating her breathing in one place.

—This way —the boy shouted, pointing to where they were standing.

As they surveyed the scene, one of the paramedics approached Rhyma, but let her finish until she finally looked up.

—Come on, you need a respirator.

When she arrived at the hospital, they had already helped her to calm down. She could finally breathe without thinking about a possible accident, it was so usual for the paramedics to see her arrive that they already knew how to treat her.

—What happened there?

—Do you want the truth?

—Whatever you want to tell me, Rhyma.

—Well, for some reason today, I wanted to change my day. My mother called me and I decided to go see her, so I took the alley.

—And then what happened?

—There is no need to try to describe it, someone tried to attack me and I only had the cane I was supposed to take to my mother, without thinking I started to hit him

—The police have already checked the cameras. You don't have to think too much about it, okay?

—It's easy for you to say, believe me, this will stay in my head for many days.

—In that case. Can you wait for me?

—I don't see it as possible. I have to go back home.

—I'll come with you, wait here, I just have to get my things.

The paramedic who had become close to Rhyma, although it didn't seem mutual, he took a certain affection for her after seeing her every week for different situations. However, for her, he was just that, a paramedic, so without waiting for him, she went home.

—I'm sorry, mother, I'll try to go during the week. —She spoke to her mother on the phone.

—It's okay Rhyma, just make sure you eat well and take care of yourself honey, I'll expect you in a few days.

Her relationship with her mother was not something special, they were just conversations that were generated when her mother needed something from her. Rhyma was always exceptional as her daughter, but of her mother, the same could not be said.

—I could finally breathe well after using that stupid technique, can't we make a change? —she said as she looked at her reflection in a store window. —It seems we have to get used to this for more years. In the end, it's just a miserable life after all.

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