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My 1 love

description this is my real love story this have a emotion please viral story let start

today's I'm saying my fist love in the school she was entered the class and she was told I'm coming mam I see are face she was so beautiful I would be say one line are face she was so beautiful that smile face I don't how have is stated the love my hard I say one think my hard was given as in it all the I see are face in very trembling why I want to say are I can describe my love how I can I describe my love it is a very challenging me and I in one time she was see my she ask me what happened I'm very trembling have can I say I told nothing

I know she was love me when I will techers was Striking I can see are face she laughedI can very happy that any time she was sad I tell to teacher I not done the homework teacherStriking me she was laughing I was very happy that day I would any time sad she told me what happened my all sadness was gone but I can come that day I can propose her the teacher the bhumika was going in out of the country I'm very very sad what can I do what your sad Kiran I told her you are going she told me Yes one thing I say Kiran you are very good boy She's a better girl than me she told me all the best your future I'm ver

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