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The tabloids call him "The Iron Dick." He's a billionaire with a secret and when he shows up on my doorstep with a contract that can make all my dreams come true, I'm betting everything including my baby's future.

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Seed Money

My tits hurt begging to be sucked but I tried not think about it. William Richard Iron better known as "Iron Will" by the Wall Street Journal and "Iron Dick" by the tabloids sat without moving in a suit that cost more than my house and car combined. His emerald eyes barely blinked.

"The Forever Shower will filter water, heat it if desired and recycle it back through the second shower head, so customers can shower for as long as they want without guilt." Should I go into how little drinking water was left? I searched the Iron's face looking for a spark of interest.

He gave nothing away. I shifted uncomfortably in the stilletos Amy lent me for this meeting.

The rest of the suits in the room turned to him covertly looking for clues. Any one of them would be enough but I knew from the moment I stepped into the oversized room with its marble floor, glass walls and sterile decor, if he wasn't interested none of the others were going to take a chance.

I didn't need him I lied to myself. I would take the concept elsewhere. Unfortunately I'd already been turned down by every prospect in a six hundred mile radius.

I would redesign and try again, but I was out of money. Hormones surged and tears burned. I needed this over with. The breast pads were soaked. My little one needed to eat or I needed to pump.

"With increasing demand for drinking water and the constant decline of availability, The Forever Shower is an investment in the future and in your bank account."

His eyes dulled losing any spark of interest. He wasn't going to bite.

"Any questions?" I asked the rest of the suits ignoring "The Dick."

Or trying to. His presence dominated the room. Just being near him made my skin hum with awareness.

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DB Dave Beasley
What a way to start off a story! :D

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