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Thought poetry for the wandering mind. Welcome to the Poetry Corner, brought to you by scenic linkz

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Thought poetry

do you often find yourself just thinking about things in the world today, or about certain people or situations in general and have the versus to a poem somehow come to mind in relation to the thought at hand ? , how often does this happen that you end up forgetting what you had thought of before you had the chance to write it down?, for me the chance of a great poetry piece coming into my mind is rare, as its not often that I deeply think about certain topics or people. and the amount of poems I actually got to hold on to are slim due to my failure to write them down as soon as I thought of them. I have one of those minds that forgets what they thought of , or what they wanted to say unless they wrote it down or discuss it quickly, otherwise when I do try to remember what it was I can never remember it.

So I have designed this space known as "poetry Corner" to express my thoughts and feelings if and when they do occur, saving myself from forgetting them, and also sharing my thoughts with you all as well. I hope that you enjoy this space and its poetry entries.

please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or feelings you may have , or just to leave a comment on my entries.

this space is for thought poetry about a variety of things from life,to memories, to uplifting-self workings. plenty of thought poetry for the wandering mind in you.

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