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The demon that follows

"Today's the day that changed my life, it was murky, foggy, eerie, and quiet. As the rain came down like glitter and the wind wisped and whispered, I hear my name being called "MAYIM." I shot around to see no one was there. On my way home i passed through the cemetery like I always do, I heard my name again but instead of turning around I stop dead in my tracks. "Oh no I'm being followed!!!." I thought, I finally had enough courage to look behind me to see someone one minute and an animal the next. I turned and started walking again. A few seconds later I heard footsteps behind me so I started to run and they followed. I ran all the way back to my apartment when I got there I found my front door kicked open and my Ex boyfriend Gyler Tyler there.

I still couldn't shake the thoughts/reasons of why he was there so I hollered to him saying "WTF are you doing here Gyler." He shot around and ran to me and replied "Oh thank god you're alright! I was walking and decided to see how you were doing after our breakup. I heard gunshots form your building and so I ran up here to find your door lock hence the reason it was kicked open and I saw this." I took a step in my apartment and what I saw caused me to gasp. The next few weeks were weird because I kept seeing the shadow figure everywhere I went and when I wake up in the middle of the night. Gyler has came over for the past week and sometimes he would take me out to a pizza parlor and movie. It's only when I'm with him that I don't see "it". Wait! What I saw was Gyler with a huge hole in the back of his head. "Then who was I hanging out with this whole time?" When I got home I got online to see if it's possible to see spirits that has been dead for two weeks. After no luck with that, I tried to see if there was anything on the thing that was following me and a lot of results came back, turns out it was a Jadyndaemon (A shapeshifting demon that takes on the form of a loved one and there is no way of stopping it. If it follows you for more than a week and speaks to you or comes in contact with you would die within 2 weeks.) so I thought "Bitch! Fuckin! Motherfucker! well I'm screwed." so I closed my computer and got ready for bed praying it wasn't true.

Later that night Mayim awoke one last time but didn't see anything so she fell back asleep never to wake again."

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Destiny Scott Young author Also a young mother so if my chapters are too short don't come after me because taking care of a little baby is time consuming and kind of makes me feel like garbage


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