Omri Daskal

Peace used to exsist between humans and monsters but now pece is no longer,and the evile king has trapped the monster inside human,Jon is determined to become the new head of galaxy to restore the peace.but first he will need to conquer the monster within

Фентези эпический Всех возростов.

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How the story begins

a long time ago humans and monsters were in peace but when the king that made peace died, his evil son became king and destroyed peace and sealed all monsters inside humans. When his execution started, he said these exact same words: "I sealed all monsters inside of humans. Control them and become head of the galaxy. To be that, you'll need to control 100% of your monster. and then you'll have the chance to become head of city. Every year there will be a tournament and the winner of the tournament will fight the existing head of city, and if you win you'll become head of the city. The same goes for head of country, head of world and finally head of galaxy. try to be head of galaxy like my father was...and like I am now".

105 years later.

Hello my name is John and I'm going to be head of galaxy. My life so far is a big mess. Two years ago my brother left us to go explore another world, it was sad. 5 Years ago my dad became head of country and he had to leave us, so all I've got left is my sister and my mom.

At the age of 10 I was sent to monster controlling school. At first I hated it. I got bullied and picked on because I was smaller than everyone. I was the only 10 year old there. Most kids only start at age 12. I'm still in monster controlling school, but the stronger I get, people bother me less. I'm at 3% of controlling my inner monster. To finish school you need 10%. I can't wait. one of the kids that bullied me was Joe, but then we became friends. he's at 5%, strong right? this is all you need to know about me right now. but I really need to go to monster controlling school. By the end of the day, I was at 4% but I didn't know what the next day had planned for me.

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Ellen Shein Ellen Shein
bravo, to the amazing Omri Daskal!!!!!
SS Sheldon Shein
Very proud of the author and fascinated by the story


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