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Where am I.

Where am I going.

Who are these people that claim they love me.

I've loved. I love.

Oh, but my love runs deep. It's frightening.

How I can love with my all and endure from my core but you don't want me.

And the more I do the more it pushes you away.

Love is not as much your friend as the popularity scene.

And I tell her,"They won't be there later!" They're using you"!

As she thinks, yea, but they want me now.

Why can't we just run away together. We could be so beautiful.

But then I realize, I must be a "good guy", which is why with her, I finish last.

This shouldn't hurt as much as it does. As much as I believe she belongs with me, is as much as I know she Belongs to the streets.

Babygirl, the streets won't love you back, I will; but getting you to love me the same is like going uphill.

All I can do is ask the gods to protect you, and hope that you find what you're looking for, because even if it's not with me, I still want you to find your peace.

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