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Letters to the lost

What's up pop, it's been a long time; since you heard your boy write some new rhymes.

I would have written sooner but I've been a little busy, outside on my grind making product history.

You wouldn't believe how big your grand kids are getting, or how we have the neighborhood sweating.

It's raining alot right now alot of people are getting wet, somebody must have written a bad check.

I don't know what's next but, your mind thinks Strange when you're stressed, so I bought me a twelve gage with a vest.

You can't let drama creep up on you, plus I'm dead of boredum; holler at me if you see a storm coming.

They say that thunder is loud but lightning strikes so I'm gonna take the lead and I'm gonna ride.

With fire in my right arm and the gods on my left, my intentions are good but I have to protect the nest.

Then use the bread to get bread quicker.

It because I like my pancakes with butter and syrup.

I'll write you next week I have to get off of the block, but just in case, try to leave the back door unlocked.

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