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This story contains - Sexual Scenes, Strong Language and Violence, Enjoy. A group of students stumble across their next paranormal adventure on break from university, the students get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t escape from.

#8 in Мистика #5 in ясный 13+. © Author Shaun Waller.

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Hello and welcome, please have a seat and get comfortable my friend. Watch this story come to life in comfort and indulge until the end.

The first thing that comes to our senses is from our nostrils, the smell of frying meat, sausages sizzling in the extremely hot frying pan, four fork tines pierce into the meat, and the pork juices run out like my football team onto the pitch, the sausage's turning to get the other side more crispy.

Seeing a lady in their kitchen, with her back to us, her curly rich-chestnut hair is in a bubble ponytail, wearing a white silk dressing gown.

She is dancing to a song playing out from their grey radio in the corner of their worktop, her hips are swinging along with her ponytail. She is cooking a fry-up for her man, who has worked all night at the local fire station.

In this sleepy town of Sovereign, their last fire was in the forest many, many moons ago, the newspaper reports said it was caused by a campfire made by teenagers that were smoking cannabis and drinking too much, luckily there was no casualties or deaths, I wish I was there sounds like it would have been good fun.

During the day, the firefighters from this fire station aid surrounding villages or cities; at night, they only have one fireman or firewoman on, just in case something goes down in flames, unluckily for this woman called Samantha, it was her man that was on last night.

The performance is underway, her hair is swaying from her dancing hips, she seems to be in a happy mood. Samantha places the cooked sausages on a white plate, her angelic-voice sings the lyrics of the song playing.

Noticing she is wearing nice white lingerie underneath her dressing gown, dancing her way to their sexy grey fridge, you know the one I mean, with an ice and water dispenser, expensive but worth it, but that’s not the point. She opens the fridge and finds the pack of bacon, their fridge is filled with different products which are stored correctly. Samantha closes the fridge door, dancing her way back to the cooker, stabbing the packet with a serrated knife too opening.

The water inside their black kettle has begun boiling, steam floating from the spout and specs of boiling water spitting out, because Samantha never fills it to the correct level, she places the first rasher in their frying pan, bacon sizzling in the same oil that cooked the sausages, Samantha lays the second rasher of bacon down. She quickly washes her hands after drying them with kitchen towel; she pours the boiled water into their teas.

A loud knock on the front door reaching Samantha’s ears; she twists the cooker knob off, the flame extinguishes so she doesn't burn their place down. Samantha reaching over, turning the radio down after she walks to the hallway, she glances down making sure she hasn’t got a boob out, she ties her dressing gown properly around her waist. She opens the white front door.

A police officer stands on her doorstep wearing a glum expression, he takes his custodian helmet off from his head. Over his shoulder, we see a suited man from one of their neighbouring houses, shutting his dark-grey front door, briefcase in one hand, with his other hand he’s rummaging around in his trouser pocket while walking towards his red sports car, that’s parked on his driveway.

The police officer is not the person Samantha was expecting.

Samantha questions, “Hi Justin, you alright?”

Justin is a friend of theirs. A tear begins to stream down his cheek, his bushy bronze moustache of his full beard soaks up his streaming tear.

He chokes up a little as he finds it hard to say, “Err, oh shit, Samantha, Sam’s, ugh.”

Justin nearly chucks up the contents within his stomach after he wipes the few tears that are rolling down his cheeks, trying to pull himself together.

Samantha demanded, “Sam’s what?”

Even Samantha is getting emotional, but doesn't know why.

You can hear the sadness in his voice, "There is no easy way to say this; Sam sadly was pronounced dead this morning."

Her jaw drops wide open in disbelief; her head drops, she begins crying into her hands; she can't hold it back. Justin grabs her shoulders, bringing her close to hug her tightly.

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Maria  Gabriella Lazzarini Maria Gabriella Lazzarini
Very nice descriptions! I feel my writing is so blunt!
Micaela Moncerrat Cáceres Sanabria Micaela Moncerrat Cáceres Sanabria
What books do you usually read? (Response to topics of conversation)

  • Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
    I read anything to be honest, I mainly write but I enjoy reading any genre. What about yourself? April 25, 2023, 06:31

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