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Work woes

Work woes on mind inside mine

The alarm rings but my body's still putting up a fight,

Gotta be at work but I just got home from last night.

If I'm late my boss will give me a shit pattie and ask me if it's his fault I went to the party.

So I turn the shower on, break some bud and start the twisting,

I got a headache from last night, Maybe the weed will fix it.

Thinking in my head while my head's spinning like a ceiling fan, I should call out, get some dutches and get another bag.

Order up some breakfast and watch a movie till I'm sleepy.

Fuck it I got sick time off, I'm feeling kinda sneezie.

As I sit there thinking of excuses to tell the boss, I get a phone call from my supervisor and everybody's off.

Closed due to snow.

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