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just my life before and during quarantine. all experiences, occurrences, and memories are real. names were changed due to confidentiality reasons. cassie is living my life under a different name.

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My birthday

My name is Cassandra Rosalie Taylor, and two days ago I turned eleven years old.

Now, when you first turn eleven it doesn't feel all that different from three days ago when you were ten, because at that point you were already referring to yourself as eleven. But I bet if I compared myself on my eleventh birthday to me on my tenth birthday then I would see a lot more differences, because an entire year had passed instead of a few days.

My eleventh birthday was held at an ice cream place with just my siblings and a few friends, because we'd had a big party last year for my tenth birthday. My party was okay. I got a few good gifts, and... well, everyone loves ice cream, right?

There was one thing I was a little confused about. I was going to go to Isabel's volleyball game next weekend, but it was cancelled. Why? Because of a virus I've heard mentioned about twice already this year. And it was mentioned at my party, too. The adults were talking about it. I know better than to eavesdrop, but people shouldn't say things where I can hear. More often than not, they think I don't understand. I do, but I will not tell them this, or I will lose my valuable source of intel.

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