Indrani Choudhary

A story of a young girl going to her collage, but will she get there safe?

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Короткий рассказ
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Train journey.

Another silent day started with a bright big smile. Fay was heading towards the train station for her collage. She was an engineering student studding in her last year, she lived with her parents and little sister Olivia.

As soon as she hopped onto the train, she felt a strange shiver throughout her body, but she didn’t bother about it and she continued with her journey.

“The train is extremely silent today” she thought as she saw many people but not a single word to be heard in that tense atmosphere, she deeply sighed and continued her way listening to her favorite songs with closed eyes.

After a while as soon as she opened her eyes a realization hit her as she saw, that every person and animal was still at one place like a statue and that made her immensely bothered. She looked hither and thither to seek help but not a sign of life, she went to another cabin to checkout but no one was moving.

She got scared and sat in a corner of the cabin hugging her legs with her head up, scanning people. A tear rolled from her cheek and fell down as she realized that her surroundings were disappearing into a small dark room. A beautiful looking woman in a black dress with a bold make-up on her face was coming near Fay every second. Fay was just staring at the women with her wide eyes. Her eyes widened as she saw the women coming closer. She became ugly, as she came closer towards Fay, Fay closed her eyes for a second or two. When Fay opened her eyes, she thought that the ugliest and the scariest person in front of her had two scary red eyes and super chapped lips from which the blood was oozing out, who had wrinkles and freckles all over her face with a bright white pale looks was extremely scary.

Fay screamed as hard as she could and found that everyone in the train was looking at her.

“Are you okay my dear?” asked an old man. After regaining her senses Fay nodded yes to him as an answer. But this incident petrified her to the extent that she could no differentiate between reality and hallucination. All she could do was to laugh at the incident.

~Indrani Choudhary~

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