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La familia DelBien se muda a una ciudad llamada Blueville, el hijo mayor, Norman descubre que hay criaturas magicas y una maligna entidad que a destruit todo, podra Norman salvar a su familia de las fuerzas del mal? EN: The DelBien family moves to a city called Blueville, the eldest son, Norman discovers that there are magical creatures and an evil entity that wants to destroy everything, can Norman save his family from the forces of evil?

Приключения Всех возростов.

#mystery #fantasy #fantasia #comedy #misterio #adventure #lgbtq+ #lgbtq #378 #217 #darkfantasy
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Rewrite of Chapters

As you should know at 5:30 I deleted this story and republished it. My reasons? I found it to be mediocre, but now during these past few months I re-read the chapters I wrote and rewrote them.

*Character changes: Rosie is a forensic chemist, Nehuén is now a cryptozoologist and I renamed the dog "Mighty" and Dan STILL is a wrestler, he hasn't retired.

*If you read carefully the old version, you'll see the changes I made in the chapters.

*Now all new followers and readers below there are the physical description of the characters, if you want to know how they look like, you need to read below.

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Прочтите следующую главу Chapter 1: A New Life Begins Part 1.


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