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The Hidden Secret

Yuki Loveheart is a beautiful sophomore high schooler, but Yuki is a bit different from the rest of a normal high school. She is close to her two friends Yumiko Jabami and Juliette More. They have been best friends since birth.

They all share two similarities: they all have human mothers but don't know their fathers. The three go to high school but something feels wrong. It's not the school that changed, its something else. Going back to the day before high school even started.

The girls were going back to school shopping when Ahh, someone wasn't looking where they were going and splashed Juliette with a pink drink right on her brand new hot pink cheerleading outfit. Juliette was so levied that she started yelling at the poor girl saying she would regret spilling the drink and she should pay more attention to her surroundings "Ugh I wont forget this," Juliette said. The minute they left Juliette opened her phone and opened TikTok and posted " some random girl spilled a pink drink on me," as a caption. During that somebody else had other problems. Going back to school the girls luckily have the same classes but Yuki had something else in mind.

Juliette and the girls found out that the girl that spilled the drink was Amber Mcclain the girl that was always in the gossip and also president of the theater club. Everyone knows her brother the kid that owned detention and mr popular. Juliette wasn't that mad she thought maroon whole have suited her better than hot pink. On the other hand Yuki was so excited that lunch was around the corner and they can do what they want at lunch since they have no recess.

Juliette decided to try on her new maroon outfit she ended up loving it more than the old one and Amber McClain never tried to talk to her again. While Yuki was fighting the feeling of going outside and playing volleyball she pushes it to the side until lunch. During lunch Yuki asks Mrs. Baker her teacher if she could go and play volleyball and Mrs. Bakers answer got Yuki super exited," Yeah I don't mind." Yuki's feelings have disappeared. Only one feeling was left behind. It was a happy feeling.

The three girls go to monster school because on their 14th birthday their moms said the reason they don't know their fathers is because they are sirens and the girls are half sirens.

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