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How do you think Agustina and Valentina have spent Christmas over the years since they met? Get into their minds as they go back in time to relive their experiences on one of the most festive days of the year in different places with different people, together and apart.

Романтика Молодой взрослый романс Всех возростов.

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2017 Christmas Day: Agustina's POV

Yes, it had been a year and a half since the day my whole world faded away as my mum was taking her last breaths. I was left alone, on the one hand with the woman who gave me life (a very good life) gone forever and, on the other hand, with my best friend Valentina (whom I had always had feelings for) out of town for who knew how long. Of course, December holidays were something I didn't want to come. It was just so painful, so lonely, so unbearable to spend such a special moment of the year without the two most important people to me.

And in that 2017, it was no exception. My only company was aunt Araceli, my mum's boss and best friend when she worked at the town music and record store. Ara was lovely, I wouldn't deny it for the world. Apart from my best friends Nicole and Enzo, she was a constant rock after mum passed away. Not only did she give me a new home, but also got me the professional help I needed at the time.

Yes, my aunt was great company every day, especially during the holidays, when we used to do many funny things together. For example, she taught me to bake cookies and homemade bread to cheer me up while listening to my favourite artists, even though some songs would bring up some painful memories. We drank cider and wine and we ate non typical Christmas meals, just homemade pizza or empanadas. I couldn't bring myself just yet to open some wounds by eating the usual, when Val and mum were there.

However, I'm forever grateful to Araceli for being there for me, because I don't think I would've come so far in my life without her help and constant care. Without her, Christmases wouldn't have been as enjoyable as they were. Not one-hundred percent complete, but somehow not as alone as I had thought I'd be.

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